10 Thoughts on Flaked – Electric

On today’s episode, Chip has a run of good fortune that ends poorly. Meanwhile, Dennis has a run of bad luck that ends poorly. It was a pretty straight forward episode that had our two main characters experiencing their separate lives very differently.

Here are some thoughts.


1. Christopher Mintz-Plasse!

What an unexpected face! Most people probably still know Mintz-Plasse as McLovin’ from the 2005 movie Superbad. But he has grown up a lot since then and his face is a welcome one on a show that has a pretty small, but stable cast of characters.

2. Dennis is a somalia? 

I guess that explains why he was storing crates of wine in the crawlspace. I kind of assumed he was an alcoholic as well, though there hasn’t been any explicit acknowledgement of it. It matches Dennis’ personality so accurately.

3. Chip’s agreement to sponsor seems opportunistic

Mintz-Plasse’s character asks Chip to sponsor him after an AA meeting. Chip is reluctant at first, but then he agrees. There is no indication (at first) that Chip has anything to gain by doing this. And yet, it feels opportunistic. Maybe that’s just the nature of Chip’s character. But it feels like everything he does has a very specific calculation attached to it.


4. What the hell is going on with London?

London goes to visit with someone (a woman, and that’s the only information we have about her) and we learn a few things about her. 1) This woman is referring to her as Claire, 2) this woman thinks “Claire” is engaged, and 3) “Claire” has put her engagement with this mystery man on hold. What the HELL is going on?

5. Poor Dennis

Kara gets in touch with him trying to find Chip. Of course, Chip doesn’t have a phone, so Dennis goes out of his way to help Kara, only to find that he’s not needed. Which makes him late for a wine tasting. Which ruins his day. He comes home mad at Chip and then Chip drops an A-bomb on him. More on that later. Poor guy, he’s had a hard day.

6. But also fuck Dennis

But he also has a tendency to place the blame for all of his problems on Chip. When Chip is hard to find, Dennis takes that as a personal offense. When London is more interested in Chip than him, he takes personal offense. When there’s too much traffic, he takes personal offense. This is a character that never takes responsibility for his problems.

7. Cooler better get something good soon

All he was in this episode was, you guessed it, a punchline. I’m getting very tired of him.

8. Chip’s new sponsor relationship is gonna blow up in his face

So we learn Mintz-Plasse’s character is a very rich start-up CEO. When Chip learns this, he becomes infinitely more interested in sponsoring the kid. And when he offers to go in as partners with him, Chip “reluctantly” agrees, even though this is the exact situation he needed to keep his store afloat. But knowing this show, it’s going to go wrong for him. He’s going to be caught in a lie somehow. I just know it.


9. FINALLY Chip and London kiss

After Chip and his new sponsor go out for dinner at the restaurant London works at (an obvious ploy on the part of Chip), they make out for a minute. But then Chip recoils, saying it’s not fair to Dennis. London reacts very poorly to that. It’s a moment of true altruism and love for his friend, but it is not received as such.

10. That phone

Chip’s new sponsor gives him a phone, which goes off in the middle of his and Dennis’ fight. That phone is going to cause him all sorts of problems. i.e. he’ll have to take responsibility for stuff.



Mintz-Plasse is a welcome addition

Intrigue with London

Chip and London finally kiss

– Dennis is becoming irritating

– Cooler remains extraneous


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