Vince Russo Recounts Backstage Incident Between Jeff Jarrett, Steve Austin



During a recent edition of the WrestlingInc Podcast, former WWE booker Vince Russo shared a story regarding a time when Stone Cold Steve Austin went off on Jeff Jarrett back during Russo’s first run in WWE. Below are some highlights of Russo’s story.

Russo on how Jarrett added something in his promo about Austin 3:16: “Jeff Jarrett had an in-ring (promo), and I wrote it for him. I wrote out his promo and he memorized it, and he said he added something about the ‘Austin 3:16’ thing offending him. I asked him if he was sure that he wanted to do that, and he said that Steve would be cool with it.”

Russo on how the line made Austin made: “He brought up the Austin 3:16 line, that it was blasphemy and offended him. I’m standing by the curtain, and guess who is standing next to me? Austin. I’ve never saw a man so red in the face in my life. He was just waiting for Jeff to come through the curtain. Steve was straight away in his face. I’ve never seen someone do the backpedaling Jeff did.”

Russo on how Austin got mad about it again 20 years later: “It’s 20 years ago, he does my podcast and I bring up the incident. He got hot talking about it again. The more I talked about it the hotter and hotter he got. I thought it was the most entertaining thing that he’s just as upset today as 20 years ago.”

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