DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers: What Is DC Rebirth Status Quo For Wonder Woman Heading Into Wonder Woman #1, Justice League #1 & Trinity #1?

DC Comics’ Wonder Woman gets the DC Rebirth treatment with twice monthly Wonder Woman series starting with Wonder Woman #1, the twice monthly Trinity #1 cover not released - this Trinity Rebirth #1 coverJustice League also starting with a #1 and the monthly Trinity #1 where she is alongside Superman and Batman (full DC Rebirth checklist here).

Former Wonder Woman scribe and fan fave writer Greg Rucka returns to the character in her self-named series revealed the status quo for Wonder Woman as DC Comics Rebirth begins.

Spoilers for DC Rebirth’s Wonder Woman follow.

Here’s what Wonder Woman writer Greg Rucka has teased about his run.

  • 20. Wonder Woman Rebirth #1In addition to the main modern day story, back-up stories titled “The Lies” in modern era and “Year One” set in the past will alternate between odd-numbered and even-numbered issues.
  • Aspects of these back-up’s will tie into one another and/or the main storyline.
  • DC wanted Wonder Woman to wear a costume looks like her Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice attire in Rebirth, but beyond that the team has creative freedom.
  • 19. Wonder Woman #1Wonder Woman no longer in a relationship with SUperman.
  • Superman won’t be in first 12 issues, basically the first 6 months of Rebirth, but Wonder Woman writer Greg Rucka has spoken to Action Comics writer Dan Jurgens about a potential future meeting between the two. Granted, the Rebirth Superman isn’t the same as the New 52 one.
  • Steve Trevor and Etta Candy confirmed as characters in the Wonder Woman DC Rebirth series. Whether they are in main storyline or one or both of the back-up storylines was not revealed.
  • Wonder Woman concept art cover DC RebirthIf he can, Greg Rucka would love to bring back Ferdinand the Minotaur from his first pre-Flaspoint run on Wonder Woman, but only if it fits organically. Same goes for Batwoman and Renee Montoya who Rucka also worked on at DC outside of his previous Wonder Woman run.
  • No plan yet for Donna Troy and/or Cassie Sandsmark, DC’s Wonder Girls, to pop up in Wonder Woman.

Fun times ahead.

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