DVD Review – VEEP

Ever since Seinfeld has gone off the air three of the four principal cast members have gone on to significantly reduced careers. Jerry Seinfeld mainly works the comedy circuit, having never attempted another sit-com on his own. Jason Alexander is still known as George Costanza and has a career that essentially peaked nearly 20 years ago. Michael Richards had similar failures … and a racist outburst doomed his career shortly thereafter. The only one who has had lengthy success outside of it was Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

She’s had two hit series of note since Seinfeld, two more than the other three principal members. The first was the throwaway sit-com The New Adventures of Old Christine. The other has been Veep, an American remake of the British comedy The Thick of It.

The show follows Louis-Dreyfus as the titular vice president of the United States. Following the Thick of It in style, the show is a farcical look at the behind the scenes machinations of American politics from the vantage point of perhaps one of politics’ least memorable positions: second in command of the United States of America.

This season Selina Meyer (Louis-Dreyfus) is now President of the United States. But how long will she last in the office? The season follows her machinations in the most powerful office in the land and works because of two things.

Seinfeld wasn’t a fluke, as Louis-Dreyfus is a wrecking ball as Meyer. She still has a big, commanding presence and the show combines her great presence with impressive writing. Meyer is a brilliantly written character and it’s handled by an actress who was seemingly born to play the part.

A handful of deleted scenes are the only extras included.

HBO presents VEEP (Season 4). Starring Julia Luis Dreyfus. Run Time: 360 minutes Not rated. Released on DVD: 4.19.2016

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