Lucha Underground S2 E13: Monster Meets Monster – Ongoing Live Coverage, New Episode Premiere Featuring LU Champion “The Monster” Matanza Cueto, Mil Muertes, Drago, Aero Star, Fenix, Dario Cueto, Catrina & Many More!

Mil Catrina LU S2E12

“Our Disciples have gained entry into the Trios Tournament.  They will not fail again.”

Word.  Welcome Believers!  On this week’s episode of Lucha Underground, we have the next round of the Tag Team Trios Tournament, in which the Disciples of Death will face Fenix and two other luchadores! The other two contestants will be revealed tonight! It will be interesting to see who’s on his tag team. It shouldn’t be surprising to see face luchadores. Sexy Star comes to mind, but since she’s currently in a feud with the Moths, perhaps they’re saving her for that. It would also be interesting to see Daga, who certainly proved himself in the ring in last week’s match with Texano. There may also be a continuation in the rivalry between Fenix and Muertes with Catrina thrown in that we saw last season.


LU also announced on social media that Drago and Aero Star will have a singles match. This should be amazing, considering the skill and badassery of both luchadores and their storyline. Will “The Darewolf” PJ Black and Jack “The Dragonslayer” Evans appear at some point during the match? We’ll see. Also, there’s the possibility that this will be a match for one of the ancient Aztec Medallions, like last week’s singles match between Daga and Texano.


The Man of 1000 Deaths Mil Muertes will compete for the Lucha Underground Championship with “The Monster” Matanza Cueto! Expect to see Temple Proprietor Dario Cueto and former Proprietor Catrina at ringside. Perhaps some more of Dario’s utterances of “Remember Mother.” *shudders* Will this be another Matanza-Suplexes-and-Wins match?

Dario Cueto LU S2E13

I’m (excitedly) expecting at least progression in the storyline regarding the Cuetos. It sounds like this episode will focus on the Tournament and the Tag Team tournament, as well. Stay tuned at 8 P.M. tonight for exclusive live coverage!

Tonight’s Twitter buzz!

Tonight’s main event = basically a big boss fight.

Us, basically.

One nation, underground. 10 til!

8’o clock on the dot! Here we go!

We get a recap of the Tag Team Trios Tournament so far. The Disciples’s invitation. Matanza’s destiny. Nothing will stand in his way – not even Mil Muertes.

Promo: Dario Cueto, Fenix, Drago & Aero Star
We’re in Dario’s office with him and Fenix. Fenix is lucky he survived from Matanza’s attacks. Dario has opportunities for Fenix. Tonight, he will team up with Drago and Aero Star! But Dario is reluctant because of last season’s same team-up and the disastrous results. Nope, Fenix will not team up with them – he will team with Jack Evans and PJ Black. Oh jeez. Drago and Aero Star don’t like that. Drago gives Dario the what-for. Dario has other opportunities for them – a singles match for a Medallion. Oh yes.

We’re back in the lively Temple. Their match is next!

Singles Match for an Ancient Aztec Medallion: Aero Star vs. Drago!
Drago reverses immediately. Counters. Aero Star pins Drago! Drago pins Aero Star! They know each other too well. Arm drag by Aero. Drop toehold by Aero. They’re at their feet. Aero rolling around for relief from Drago’s grip. Applause from the crowd.

Aero dodges Drago’s strikes. Aero prepares, but Drago knocks him down. They’re on the move again. Dodges a clothesline. Aero has Drago in a corner. Aero jumps from the turnbuckles!

Drago sends Aero flying across the ring. Cheering for Drago! Aero knocks him down! Drago’s out of the ring! Aero Star botches a jump! Drago cashes in and sends Aero into the balcony gate. They’re both back in the ring now. Drago waits for Aero to come to his feet. Aero fights back! Arm drag! Drago is out of the ring and he leaps onto him from the ring! He makes up for it.

They’re back in the ring. Aero moves slowly. Drago picks him up and throws him out. The dragon leaps onto Aero Star from the ring! Lots of cheering from the audience. They respect, says Vampiro.

Kick from Aero Star from the apron! He leaps.

He clutches to various places on his body affected by the match so far. Rope-hung DDT by Drago! Ouch. Pin, cover. Aero kicks out. He’s in the corner and dodges from Drago’s attempts. He returns a strike! Drago’s on the turnbuckles. Aero Star runs on the rope towards him, but he’s sent down! Drago covers Aero Star, he kicks out.

Basement dropkick attempt by Aero but fails. Cheering for both luchadores! Mysterio’s 6-1-9 by Aero Star! He has his chance!

He pins Drago – 1, 2, 3!

Winner: Aero Star!

The Tag Team Trios Tournament continues after this commercial break!

We’re back!

Promo: Johnny Mundo & Taya Valkyrie
Johnny Mundo is training! Taya Valkyrie walks in. “Is it possible?” That he looks better today than he did yesterday? Oh yes. I’m jelly. Valkyrie has news from the Temple. She demanded Dario that he give him one of the Aztec Medallions. Mundo never competed for one last season, but he will next week! Makin’ Mundo work – classic Cueto. He’ll face “The Machine” Brian Cage! …In a steel cage match! “Cage in a cage.”

Don’t worry, Mundo – you’ll shut that machine down. Permanently. So says Taya.

We’re back in the Temple! We’ll see the next match after this commercial break!

First Round Tag Team Trios Tournament Match: Jack Evans, PJ Black & Fenix vs. The Disciples of Death of Trece, El Siniestro de la Muerte & Barrio Negro

Fenix argues with Evans and PJ in their corner before the match starts. The bell rings. More arguing. Trece versus PJ now. Headlock. PJ has a side headlock on Trece. Tackle and a howl from PJ. Whew.

Arm drag by PJ. Arm ringer. Evans kisses PJ’s ass after he pretends to tag in Fenix. Trece and PJ struggle in the ring. Counters, dodges. PJ kicks Trece in the face. Pin, Trece kicks out. Fenix and Muerte! Muerte kicks Fenix as he leaps from the ropes!

Bodies everywhere!

Fenix leaps onto Muerte from the ring and beyond! Cheering from the Believers.

Evans wants to be tagged in as PJ holds Trece. Muerte grabs Evans’s legs and slams his groin into the corner! PJ gets him out after Evans’s keeps screaming. Oh my God.

Barrio strangles PJ from behind the turnbuckle. Barrio is tagged in. He kicks PJ. Slaps. Trece versus PJ now. Muerte moves Trece away and back again. Fenix is in now! Muerte dodges him but now Fenix has momentum!

He pins Muerte, but he kicks out. He slaps Muerte! He sends in Fenix, but he kicks Muerte! Fenix leaps into Muerte. They’re in their corners and Fenix rushes in once more! Suplex! He pins Muerte, but he kicks out.

Out comes Catrina. Vampiro mentions her bitch-slap a month ago. Who could forget? But let’s stick to this match. DDT by Muerte on Fenix! He pins him but Fenix kicks out. He repeatedly pounds on Fenix. Barrio is tagged in. He focuses on Fenix’s head. Cheering for Fenix as Barrio argues with the ref. Why don’t they just go for the win? Fenix comes alive as he kicks Trece and Muerte while they’re on the apron. Fenix tumbles to tag PJ but Evans tags in himself.

Evans is on fire! He has momentum on Trece.

Evans has an exchange with his tag team partners. Fenix comes him and annihilates the Disciples!

But Barrio has him on his shoulders! Fenix reverses! Pins! But Barrio kicks out. Barrio counters Fenix’s comeback. Pin, kick out by Fenix. Cheering from the Believers. Barrio sends in Fenix, but Barrio is now on the turnbuckles and Fenix slaps him! He sends Barrio flying! He tags in PJ.

Springboard by PJ!

Him and Fenix work together to eliminate Trece from the ring. Then Muerte! PJ leaps from the ring onto Trece and Muerte! A tag was made in mid-air!

Evans tells Fenix to pay attention.

He eliminates Trece!

Fenix pins Barrio! 1, 2, 3!

Winners: PJ Black, Fenix & Jack Evans!

Catrina is not happy and seems surprised. PJ and Evans celebrate.

We’re back! from commercial!

Promo: Dario Cueto, Ivelisse, Son of Havoc & Angelico
In Dario’s office, Dario speaks to the Unlikely Trio of Son of Havoc, Ivelisse, and Angelico. Ivelisse and Havoc can’t decide who dumped who. It doesn’t matter who wins this year’s Trios Tournament, says Ivelisse, because in the end, they’re still Champions. The winners of the Trios Tournament will be the new Champions – which the Trio isn’t too happy about.

Promo: Catrina & The Disciples of Death
The Disciples and Catrina are in the locker room. She delivers some discipline. They failed miserably. But worse than that – Fenix is the one who delivers the victory. She needs a reason not to destroy them – but Muerte tears out the black hearts of Barrio and Trece! Holy crap.

Did they just kill off two Disciples?! Muerte becomes… Powerful.

Our main event is next after this break!!

We’re back!! Time for our…

Main Event for the Lucha Underground Championship: “The Monster” Matanza Cueto (c) vs. Mil Muertes

The Championship makes good men do evil things… Here we go.

They face off! Cheering for Mil! Mil strikes him! They exchange punches!

Mil kicks him! Matanza is down from punches! Wow!

Mil sends him around, but Matanza reverses!

Mil is down! Mil is in the corner! Mil reverses! Powerslam by Mil! Matanza strangles Mil! He’s back in the corner. Headbutts by Matanza. Mil strikes him. Mil throws him aside! He strikes him repeatedly! He focuses on Matanza’s head. Catrina raises her stones high.

Matanza has Mil now. Gutwrench. Another! How?! Mil reverses and is on his feet!

Matanza is sent over the ropes! He looks injured! Mil leaps onto him! He delivers repeated strikes to the head. Dario hits Mil!

Mil looks at him with vengeance and slowly approaches. Nothing stands between these two now. Mil throws Cueto aside, but Matanza interrupts! Hey, Dario wanted violence, right?

Matanza is limping! Mil is about to throw him through the announce table! Vampiro is stressed. Catrina hits Matanza with the stones!

He slowly approaches her and strangles her! But Mil hits Matanza with a steel chair to his back! I’m sweating.

Catrina clutches her neck as Mil and Matanza brawl on the balcony steps. Mil has an oil can!

Matanza uses it now. Mil climbs the steps. The spotlight shines on them. Mil crawls. Matanza pushes him. The ref and Dario follow. Mil throws Matanza on top of Dario’s office! Mil is there now too! They keep brawling.  Someone’s going to fall! Mil has a hold of Matanza! Matanza hangs onto the steel rails for life!

His foot hangs and Dario looks scared!

Mil and Matanza fall into Dario’s office! “Holy shit!” cry the Believers!

The match ends. No winner.

Dario holds his key and Catrina holds her stones. They face off.

Promo: Los Angeles Police Department
The Captain looks at her missing people posters. The Councilman enters. She’s sniffing around his jurisdiction. But she’s just doing her job. His jurisdiction is in Boyle Heights now, and he wants her to drop the case against Dario Cueto.

Good night Believers!

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