Lucha Underground S2 E14: Cage in a Cage – Ongoing Live Coverage, New Episode Premiere Featuring Rey Mysterio, Johnny Mundo, Brian Cage, Joey Ryan, Ivelisse, Son of Havoc, Angelico & Many More!

Unlikely Trio LU S2E13

Welcome back to another edition of Lucha Underground live coverage, Believers! Tonight, we’ll watch Johnny Mundo and “The Machine” Brian Cage in a singles cage match! Plus, the Tag Team Trios Tournament concludes in a Fatal Four-Way Elimination Match! The final four teams include The Unlikely Trio and current champions, Ivelisse, Son of Havoc, and Angelico; Joey Ryan and The Crew, Cortez Castro and Mr. Cisco; Jack Evans, PJ Black, and Fenix; and Rey Mysterio, Jr., Dragon Azteca, Jr., and Prince Puma! All four teams of luchadores and luchadoras will fight under the roof of the Temple for the Tag Team Trios Championships!

Mysterio Azteca Puma LU S2 E12

So which team will take away the three, sparkling titles? It’s hard to predict, considering all 12 contenders are deserving. But, for starters – and I hate saying this – but perhaps it’s time for The Unlikely Trio to lose the titles for the time being. LU is focused so much on story, and that combined with their two reigns, it feels like there’s more at stake for the three if they lose them tonight. However, it seems too easy to suggest that Rey Mysterio’s team will earn the titles, despite the combined star quality and talent of the three high-flyers (on a somewhat unrelated note – I want to see more of Dragon Azteca beyond his relationship with Mysterio, especially the Black Lotus angle we saw a couple weeks ago). Joey Ryan and The Crew attaining the titles would be super interesting, and would make for an awesome upset. Ryan as a Trios Champion and a mouthpiece for the team? Yas please.

Fenix Trios Tourn LU S2E13

The team of Fenix, PJ Black, and Jack Evans would be interesting as well. There’s some potential for conflict between the three, some of which we saw in the last Tournament match with the former Disciples of Death (now just consisting of El Siniestro de la Muerte). Fenix already has had some title runs – why not a third of the Trios titles, as well? Jack Evans could also gain even more serious heat from a title run. And while PJ Black only just arrived at the Temple, he’s demonstrated his skill as a luchador. Evans and Black’s storyline with Drago and Aero Star could spice things up a bit for a title run from this tag team, as well. Again, it’s hard to choose.

Joey Ryan LU S2 E12

As far as the order of elimination goes – it’s tough to say. It will depend on the specific luchadores eliminated first. If LU isn’t preparing Ryan and The Crew for an upset, then one of them may be the first to go. If The Unlikely Trio isn’t set to retain tonight, then perhaps some of them next. Some Believers may not be too pleased if Jack Evans isn’t one of the first eliminated, due to his heel heat, and despite his skill. And like in Aztec Warfare II, Rey Mysterio may be one of the last in the ring, regardless of whether or not his team earns the titles tonight.

Mundo Taya LU S2E13

The singles cage match scheduled tonight between Johnny Mundo and Cage also has an award behind it – an Aztec Medallion. The winner goes on to be a contender for the Gift of the Gods Championship. This match is a good choice, since there hasn’t been a cage match yet this season, plus it keeps the feud between Mundo and Cage interesting. Despite that this feud has been happening since the beginning of the season, it still remains fresh. The addition of Taya Valkyrie has also contributed, and adds to the validity of Mundo’s hype and heel status. With the combined barrier of the cage in tonight’s match, it’ll be interesting to see if and how she’s used. With the possibility of her use being decreased tonight, we could see a clean win by Cage. But we’ll see.


Also, LU, have you gotten around to those replica belts yet? Check out those Trios titles.

Tonight’s Twitter buzz!

Poll on tonight’s Tournament outcome! What do you Believers think?

Less than 10 minutes!

8 P.M.! Let’s gooo!

We get a recap of the Tag Team Trios Tournament! Plus the rivalry between Johnny Mundo and Brian Cage – and their Aztec Medallion match tonight!

We’re now in the musically-lively Temple in Boyle Heights! We get a recap from Matt Striker of last week’s main event between Mil Muertes and Matanza Cueto after they collapsed into Dario Cueto’s office! They will be back… Eventually.

Ancient Aztec Medallion Singles Cage Match: “The Machine” Brian Cage vs. Johnny Mundo!
Cage enters the cage. Cage in a cage! Mundo follows, accompanied by Taya Valkyrie. They wear matching gear tonight. The bell rings!

They create space. Punches exchanged! Mundo kicks Cage in the gut. He delivers more! Cage has Mundo cornered! Repeated punches! 10 total! Cage sends in Mundo!

He sends him down. Cheering for Cage. Mundo slides under Cage and he tries to escape the cage. Dropkick by Mundo. Another by Cage! Mundo has to change up his style a bit for this limited space.

Taya grabs the cage as Cage sends Mundo down. Chanting for Cage by the Believers! Cage sends Mundo into the ropes. He’s down yet again. Mundo reverses an attempt by Cage but Cage lifts him up like a feather and tosses him aside! Suplex! First cover, kick out at 2 by Mundo. “This is awesome!”

Cage sends Mundo into the turnbuckles and he runs into the cage. They’re both on the turnbuckles now! Cage wants Mundo to submit. Taya is desperate to intervene. Cage dangles from the top of the cage. Mundo climbs up next to him. Mundo kicks Cage and he tumbles down the ropes. Mundo runs into Cage. Cage has nowhere to go. Another by Mundo. Well played.

Mundo climbs the cage. Valkyrie takes off her belt and scales the cage, whipping the belt at Cage’s grasp! Cage falls! Cover by Mundo! Kick out by Cage at 2! So close! Mundo is frustrated. He strikes Cage once they’re on their feet. He has Cage cornered. Mundo succumbs to name-calling. Cage reverses.

They climb to the top rope! Mundo delivers a Moonlight Drive! Cover by Mundo, kick out by Cage.

Cage reverses and Valkyrie threatens Cage! Mundo tries to escape but Cage doesn’t let him! Cage powerbombs Mundo into the ropes! Another powerbomb into the cage, by the Machine!

Cage tries to escape, but Valkyrie meets him at the top with a stick! She strikes his head!

Mundo has a stick now and delivers blow after blow!

Cover by Mundo, kick out! Cage has the stick now! Mundo dodges some of the hits, but not for long! Mundo is down! Revenge is a dish best served cold.

After several blows, and a final one to Mundo’s head, Cage breaks the stick!

Cover by Cage, kick out! Cage attempts a suplex but Mundo delivers a knee strike. Discus lariat by Cage! Cover, kick out by Mundo! Valkyrie scales the Cage! Mundo reverses and covers! Kick out by Cage.

Mundo has a steel chair and hits Cage!

He covers, kick out by Cage! How are these two still going?!

Mundo spits and grasps the cage. He begins to scale it. He has one leg over the cage! Boos from the Believers. Corkscrew from the top of the cage! But too late – Cage rolls out of the way! Taya climbs to the top! She falls onto Cage!

She kicks him senseless. Mundo joins! Dario Cueto probably approves. Both cover Cage! But Cage kicks out yet again!

Valkyrie retrieves handcuffs from under her legwear! Of course she carries those around… She attaches one cuff to the bottom rope… But Cage awakes cuffs her to the ring! Cage neutralizes them both! Cage goes for the powerbomb!

Cover! 1, 2, 3!

Winner of the Aztec Medallion: “The Machine” Brian Cage!

Has Cage finally settled the score between Mundo and Valkyrie?

The Fatal Four-Way to conclude the Tag Team Trios Tournament begins after this commercial break!

We’re back! Melissa Santos introduces the Tournament, but Dario Cueto stops her! He has some news! The Believers aren’t pleased. Uh oh, this is about Angelico’s accident reported earlier! Son of Havoc and Ivelisse will defend their titles tonight, as scheduled!

Tag Team Trios Tournament Fatal Four-Way Elimination Match: Son of Havoc & Ivelisse (c) vs. Fenix & “The Darewolf” PJ Black & Jack Evans vs. Cortez Castro & Mr. Cisco & Joey Ryan vs. Prince Puma & Dragon Azteca, Jr. & Rey Mysterio, Jr.
Jack Evans never fails to disappoint.

Ivelisse looks stunning. Oh, and Son of Havoc, too.

The Finals begin after this commercial break!!

We’re back! Ivelisse and Jack Evans aren’t getting along… The other luchadores anxiously anticipate the bell.

The bell rings!

Fenix vs. Ivelisse now, plus Mr. Cisco. Ivelisse and Cisco exchange. Rey and Fenix. Rey and Ivelisse cover Fenix and Cisco. Ivelisse sweeps Rey. The four stand against each other, creating space. Fenix kicks Ivelisse.

Cisco powerslams Fenix. The four create space once again. Son of Havoc is tagged in. PJ Black is tagged in. Havoc and PJ are cornered. Prince Puma and Cortez, as well. Doe-see-doe.

Azteca is in! Havoc moonsaults! Azteca slams PJ! Havoc grabs Cortez by the neck! He sends him in. Cortez tags in Cisco. They work together on Havoc.

Cisco has Havoc by the neck. Tags in Cortez. He goes to work. Cortez annoys Azteca. Cortez kicks PJ! PJ is flat on his back. Cortez and Cisco work together on Azteca. He’s sent down! Cortez slaps him then sends him in. Rope lariat by Cortez to reverse. Cisco x-factors Azteca. Cheering for Azteca! Havoc and Cortez and Cisco now. Havoc bounces back with the ropes! Ivelisse is in! Joey Ryan makes out with Ivelisse. She’s out of the ring now. Booing from the crowd.

Fenix corkscrews onto Cisco!

Followed by PJ! Puma asks for cheers! Jack Evans is in! Azteca is on the move – onto the luchadores outside the ring!

PJ prevents Puma’s moves! Ouch! He got schooled.

Rey Mysterio is above to fly!

He lands on the luchadores, followed by Prince Puma!

Son of Havoc follows! Bodies everywhere out of the ring!

Ivelisse is back in the ring. Joey Ryan prevents her leap from the ring. She slaps him!

He has his fingers in her mouth! She kicks him! Repeated slaps.

Suplex by Ivelisse! Truly the Baddest Bitch. Cortez is in now. Repeated punches by Ivelisse. Vertical suplex by Cortez. Joey wants a tag in, or for Cortez to cover. But Ivelisse cashes in! Cover!

Eliminated: Cortez Castro, Mr. Cisco and Joey Ryan!

We cut to commercial!

We’re back! Jack Evans sustains some beef. Son of Havoc is on the turnbuckles. Prince Puma is in, as well. The three feel it out in the ring. Dropkicks by Puma and Havoc!

The two brawl. Puma is sent in. Havoc dodges. On the apron. Havoc does a double-stomp!

Cover by Havoc, kick out. Standing moonsault not enough.

Havoc is down. Evans lariats on the ropes. Ivelisse has him cornered. Repeated punches. She goes in, but Evans kicks her down! Everyone knows that HE is the Baddest Bitch. Oh jeez.

Prince Puma is on his way in. He’s thrown out!

Ivelisse and Evans now. She slaps his chest. He goes for one, but she kicks him down! She doesn’t even look to make a tag. Havoc is down, Fenix is too!

Powerbomb by Ivelisse on Evans! PJ intervenes!

Cover by Evans now!

Eliminated: Son of Havoc and Ivelisse!

We cut to commercial again!

We’re back! Fenix and Azteca in the ring. Azteca pushes Fenix. Fenix pushes back.

Leapfrog. Fenix lands on Azteca’s head. Fenix sends him in. Counters, reversals. Fenix is sent round and round by Azteca.

Fenix delivers some back! They’re both off their feet. Tag made to PJ Black and Prince Puma! Evans gets the Bridge of Northern Lights!

Puma has momentum! He carries PJ Black! He leaps onto PJ from the turnbuckles! Evans hits Puma in the groin!

Tag made to Evans. He brings Puma to his feet, sends him in. Evans announces that this is what real lucha libre looks like! But fails… Mysterio sends Evans away! PJ Black falls off the apron. Crossbody by Mysterio on Jack! Mysterio headbutts Evans. Evans is caught on the ropes!

6-1-9! Team Mysterio wrecks the other team!

Puma and Azteca leap onto PJ Black and Fenix!

Mysterio covers Evans in the ring – 1, 2, 3!!!

Winners and new Lucha Underground Tag Team Trios Champions: Rey Mysterio, Jr, Dragon Azteca, Jr. and Prince Puma!

The first part of the prophecy has been fulfilled!

We zoom out of the Temple. We’re in Vampiro’s temple now. He calls for Pentagon, Jr. He rolls in on a wheelchair.

He orders Pentagon to get up. He doesn’t. Vampiro uses dark magic. He’s not happy with Pentagon. Pentagon fades…

Good night, Believers.

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