Wrestling Opinions From A Sleazy Guy 6/20/16: WWE Money in the Bank 2016 PPV Recap

Wrestling Opinons from a Sleazy Guy 6.20.16
WWE Money in the Bank 2016 Review
By Sebastian Howard

I have had one genuinely weird ass day, last night at around 4 am two of my friends were arrested. My two buds, David and Tyler, I had them sneak out last night because my Grandma was bitching about having them stay over. So I had them go outside for an hour and then I was going to sneak them back in, in about an hour when Grandma was asleep. Extremely lame, immature shit to have to deal with when you’re twenty but its either live at Grandma’s or be homeless at this point. So two hours later I hear David’s voice outside and I figure he’s just getting loud with Tyler in some kind of pointless conversation. So I go outside to let them in and I see FIVE fucking cops questioning them. Now, I’m on probation and have a curfew of 10 pm and I had also been drinking cheap malt liquor and beers that night so I didn’t exactly like the idea of five cops peaking around my house.

So after an hour of them corroborating stories they put David and Tyler in handcuffs and leave. They’re charging them with burglary of a vehicle but I’m like 90% sure they didn’t do anything. So basically my friends are going to be in jail for two days (you can’t have an arraignment on Sunday so they have to wait until Monday) for having the sheer audacity to walk around late at night. If that isn’t a good case for hating cops I don’t know what is… Anyway, I’ve been having to deal with the aftermath of that mess ever since I woke up, I had to talk to Tyler’s Dad and his gf, David’s Mom and his gf as well as various concerned friends. I’m actually sick of talking about it but I feel like its something that I should have on here just because it shows you the kind of shit people have to deal with in West Palm Beach and the shitty police we have here.

As far as my life has been going, well I’m stuck in a bear trap so to speak. I finished up my latest semester at College but ended up failing both Quantitative Reasoning and Intro to Coll Exp but passing my English class (which means I can move on to ENC 1102 next semester). With the Coll Exp I got fucked nice and hard in the ass, the teacher just didn’t like me in the slightest due to my rather loud and abrasive behavior, as well as arguing with her about things like mandatory prison sentencing for anyone caught selling or having LSD. I did a shitload of work for that class and its supposed to be one of the easy electives but she still failed me on certain projects and such even though I was either at or above the same quality as other people she passed. Due to this bullshit my GPA is below the 2.0 mark, which of course makes me feel dumber than shit, but also puts me on Academic Suspension.

So I was going to take off Summer, try and get a job and then go back to PBSC, probably just do ENC1102 and get that GPA up but of course there’s some kind of problem. Always something… on your FAFSA form you have to use one of your parents information, either your father, mother, or legal guardian. Well, I used my Dad’s income since he makes next to no money because he does lawn care and landscaping for a living. My Mom on the other hand is a nurse who makes far too much money for me to get anything from FAFSA and she refuses to give me any money to put me through College. I have no College funds either so I’m relying entirely on FAFSA. Well, they make you have your parent make a FSA ID to get the FAFSA money rolling in and you have to have an email associated with that FSA ID. My Dad originally had a g mail account hooked up with it but now he can’t remember the password of his G-Mail which means I can’t log in, which means I can’t get my FAFSA. I’ve tried everything, there’s nothing on the FAFSA form that lets you change emails and Dad’s G-Mail is hooked up to some old phone he doesn’t even have anymore so getting the password from that is out of the question. The only thing I can even consider is trying to call FAFSA support and telling them my situation, which I’m probably going to do within the next week or so.

Anyway, with no College available I’ve just been looking for a job like a motherfucker, applying anywhere and everywhere, following up with calls, the works and it is getting me NO WHERE!! It is so frustrating and pointless…. I DID get an interview with Walmart actually but they wanted to me to work from 4 am to 1 pm, how in the fuck do these people expect me to get there at 4 am?? Honestly… I’m also constantly getting pressure from my Grandma about how she wants to move and doesn’t want to support me… all these pressures just keep on weighing down on me… I’m getting so desperate that after I write up this review I’m going to sign up for Labor Finders online and see if I can get some shitty construction job just because its SOMETHING! Enough about my life though…. lets move on to important things like pro wrestling.

Fear and Loathing at MITB in Las Vegas

After last weeks PPV this one actually had a decent amount of hype. Extreme Rules was nothing but repeats from Payback but MITB was something different entirely. Seth Rollins was returning to face Roman Reigns, I mean that’s a huge deal. The champion from almost the entirety of last year coming back to wrestle the man who took his title? There was a lot of hype for this match but WWE completely fucked up the build up. They had Rollins come out and cut a whiny promo and then told the fans to fuck off, that makes sense in the confines of Rollins character but why not let Rollins be a defacto heel that gets cheered instead of trying SO hard to have Roman Reigns be the face that’s cheered? It doesn’t work no matter what WWE tries to do, no matter WHO they push to face Reigns.. people just do not like Roman Reigns, which is fine in itself but when WWE tries to compensate by having everyone Regins feuds with turn into a complete dickbag in hopes that he’ll be hated so much that the crowd will cheer Reigns, it just reeks of desperation.

The rest of the build up was terrible, completely boring segments with Rollins and Reigns that didn’t lead anywhere. The only segment that worked well from a character standpoint was when you had the Ex-Shield all together on the Ambrose Asylum. I think from a motivational standpoint it worked very well and helped flesh out Rollins a bit more as we got to hear some of his thoughts on why he broke up The Shield and how felt about the title situation and such, which was important because, you know, he’s been injured for the last year. But at the end of the segment Rollins still came across as looking weak. If they had built Rollins up in the same way that they take the time to build up Trips, the match would have a lot more excitement going into it. Instead Rollins already looks like the underdog heading into the title match rather than the confident, strong wrestler who Reigns probably won’t be able to beat. That’s the story WWE SHOULD have been trying to sell but for some goddamn reason they LOVE to book Rollins like a complete loser at every opportunity.

The rest of the build up has been extremely lame, 101 generic booking. All the MITB contenders have boring matches against each other that don’t mean anything and promos that don’t really seem personal or stick. The Diva’s tag match is almost an after thought and Rusev/Titus is pretty much a joke. The ONLY match WWE has built up well has been Styles/Cena but even that is tiring simply because we’ve seen the same story played out far too many times. Last year it was Owens, two years ago it was Bryan, 2011 it was Punk…. I mean really, almost every year since 2011 WWE LOVES to try and recreate the Punk/Cena angle and it works to an extent because there’s a lot of emotion and Cena really can get you riled up with a promo but at the same time its a story we’ve seen every year almost periodically and its just hard to drum up the same level of emotion for a story you’ve already seen played out. What’s even worse is that you know that wins and losses don’t mean anything. If Styles does win, yeah we’re going to feel good about it and be like fuck yeah, but it doesn’t really mean anything. Cena’s going to get a win back at the next ppv and it doesn’t really help anyone to get a win over Cena anymore. Owens beat Cena last year and what is Owen’s doing now? Dicking around with six other guys in a MITB match and fucking around for the US Title.

In short I feel like this is going to be a good show, one that’s highly enjoyable but its not going to have any long term ramifications (other than the MITB winner of course) and its not going to reach the heights of something like MITB 2011, its just going to be one of those “solid” shows that everyone likes but no one is particulary in love with. So let’s get to it…

1st Match: Overstuffed Tag Team Match for the Unified Tag Titles Enzo and Cass vs Vaudevillians v The Club vs New Day (C)
See, The New Day would only have a 25% of winning this match but the New Day are genetic Freaks so Enzo and Cass have a 15% chance AT BEST of winning the match. But then you had the Club and the Vaudevillians to the mix and your numbers drastic go down. See the Vaudevillians and The Club KNOW they’re not going to win so they’re not even gonna try! So you take New Day’s 66 2/3’s chance of winning take away Jersey Boy’s 15% chance and you have a negative chance of winning at Sacrifice. Senior Cass, the numbers don’t lie.
Kofi and Anderson take each other out with clotheslines… Adien in and Enzo in. Enzo with punches and Enzo with a cute little dance. Enzo falls off the apron and lands on his neck. I’m not digging that WWE’s been making a storyline out of Enzo’s real life neck injury but they don’t bring it up here so I won’t bitch about it too much. Cass gets and cleans house. Cass throws Enzo onto everyone that’s outside the ring. Enzo off the top for… a three count or a pretty close one but Gallows pulls Enzo out. Kofi in and he tries to hit English with the Trouble in Paradise…. misses and Vaudvillans hit their finisher but Gallows breaks it up. God, fuck doing play by play for this, I’m just going to eat Hot Cheetos until someone wins.

New Day win after a fun, spot festy match. Pretty obvious that they were going to win honestly, no way they’re going to take the tag titles of New Day in some random fatal four way tag match. New Day have just been champs for far too long at this point for WWE to take it off them in such a disrespectful manner. KO’s backstage fucking with the interviewer, Jericho interrupts to talk about how great he is. Owens reminds Jericho, that while he invented the MITB match he never actually won one. DAMN SON!!!! Del Rio gets involved to say he’s going to win…. Jericho says he’s going to give everyone the gift of Jericho. I fucking love it when Jericho and Owens talk shit to each other, extremely entertaining.

2nd Match: Baron Corbin vs Dolph Ziggler


First time I’ve ever heard a Ziggler sucks chant, they’ve really tired out the crowds patience with Ziggler by just never pushing him past midcarder. Corbin beats the shit out of Billy Gunn’s son for  while and the crowd starts chanting boring. I couldn’t agree more… Corbin plays off the chants pretty well honestly, taunting and all THIS IS WHO YOU PEOPLE CHEER FOR!?? Ziggler starts to come back to a mixed reaction, so odd to see a mixed reaction for Ziggler as most of the time he’s cheered by the entire crowd. Ziggler hits a fameasser for two… Ziggler needs to change his theme music to Gunn’s old theme song. HE’S JUST AN ASS MAN!!! I LOVE TO LOVE, I LOVE TO KICK EM, I LOVE TO PICK EM…. Corbin goes to the outside and Ziggler gets caught in a Black Hole Slam that just KILLS Zigger. Both guys get back in the ring before the ten… crowd actually boos when Ziggler makes it back in! Ziggler goes for someting off the top but Corbin catches him and hits him with a black hole slam off the top for the win.

2.5/5.0 Solid match if boring and predictable, very generic small guy vs big guy match, a match we’ve seen from Ziggler a million times. I thought it was interesting the crowd was getting bored by the match as well, when even the crowd is picking up on how boring and formula your match booking has become, that’s not a good thing.

3rd Match: Unimportant diva’s tag match Charlotte and Brookie vs Nattie and Beckayyy
Crowd is already apathetic, chanting We Want Sasha. Sorry Sasha fans, she’s stuck on Main Event for some goddamn reason. I have to say, this is the first time in a while that I’ve really had the urge to skip a Diva’s match, this just feels so irrelevant and that last match already has me in an apathetic state. I think I heard Brooke call Nattie a cunt, god damn son! Charlotte in and has Nattie in a headlock… EXCITING!!!! So who’s dick did Dana Brooke suck off to get put in the main event of the Diva’s Divison? And who’s dick did Sasha NOT suck to be stuck on “Main Event”?

Was it Johnny Ace? That lucky bastard… Interim General Manager of Dat Ass. Charlotte hits Nattie with Natural Selection to get the win, after an uninspired boring match full of Dana Brooke yelling. I don’t know, Dana Brooke’s KINDA hot but not really and she’s just so goddamn obnoxious. Nattie turns heel for pretty much no reason and attacks Becky. Isn’t this like the third time this happened to Becky? It is an interesting character change to turn Natayla heel as she’s been face pretty much her entire career but the Diva’s divison has enough heels as it is. What the fuck is Natayla supposed to do as a heel other than fuck around with Lynch and MAYBE Sasha Banks? Unless she joins up with Charlotte it just seems like an uninteresting way of having Nattie feud with Becky, which they could’ve done without turning Natayla heel. Just seems like extremely short sighted booking on WWE’s part.

4th Match: Sheamus vs Apollo Crews
God, the apathy level here is off the chart. Sheamus is Sheamus and they’ve just been forcing Crews down our throats so fucking hard on Raw that I’m already sick of him. Sheamus was basically calling Crews a nigger on Smackdown. “Aye man, what do you want? You want to get me some coffee or carry my bags?” I don’t think it was INTENDED like that but it certainly came across as that.

Sheamus keeps Crews down with rest holds…. Crews comes back with a roll up, jawjacker… some punches… a couple clotheslines, stinger splash, crossbody, kip up, enzguri for two. Crews belly to bellys Sheamus over the top rope and hits a pretty cool moonsault off the apron. Back in the ring and Crews hits an Angle Slam. Crews is just so weird… he has a bunch of cool moves but he’s not neccessarily a great wrestler or really knows quite what he’s doing. Crews charges at Sheamus but gets caught in a press slam. Sheamus goes for the Small Penis but Crews gets out, Crews goes to the top but gets caught by Sheamus. Sheamus with White Noise off the second rope BUT CREWS KICKS OUT AT TWO!!! Damn… Crews rolls up Sheams for the win.

3.0/5.0 Decent match, Crews is an interesting wrestler as far as his moveset and Sheamus was able to keep the story grounded enough that it came together. Not a great match but at least it wasn’t formula matic or boring and hey, that’s like a big deal on this show.

Battleground commercial is pretty cool, I like the Avengers vs X Men poster style.

5th Match: Cena vs AJ Styles
Cena can talk about the new generation all he wants but Cena has only been gone for a couple months man! He’s already wrestled Rollins, Owens, Zayn…. he’s wrestled EVERYONE from the “new generation” or whatever except for Styles and Reigns. Its not like Cena has been gone for five years and hasn’t wrestled like every main eventer already.

Alright, this match should kick off the PPV proper, as far as I’m concerned the last four matches were Pre-Show matches. I mean honestly, not ONE of those matches seem ppv quality except maybe the four way tag match. Crowd is actually booing Styles and cheering for Cena… aye I guess he was missed. Having Cena leave for a while really has done wonders for his crowd reaction, I do wish we could get a One Night Stand 2006 response to Cena every time he wrestled someone like Punk or Styles or Owens but that’s just not realistic. Most people just don’t have good taste…

Lock up and Styles goes into a side headlock… Cena throws Styles off but Styles just does some taunting and talks shit. The crowd is on FIRE, chanting about 50/50 for Styles and Cena. Maybe 60/40 but its close. Styles beats Cena on a technical exchange and LITERALLY RUNS CIRCLES AROUND CENA!!1 That’s great man… Lock up 3… Cena does his cutesy jumping shit, Cena with some armdrags and a monkey flip to Styles. Cena goes for the FU because he’s running out of moves… Styles gets out. Styles and Cena trade punches, Styles wins. Styles with some chops. Styles gets too cocky with the taunting and Cena hits him with a belly to belly for a one count.

Both men roll outside, Cena whips Styles into the steps but Styles jumps over it and gets back in the ring for some more taunting. Styles is basically me playing any WWE video game right now. Back in the ring and Styles takes Cena down with an elbow and kneedrop for two. Styles has the sleaziest smile on his face… I swear. Cena matches are just…. so fucking slow. Cena comes back with some punches but Styles dodges a charge in the corner. Cena matches are so weird… there’s a lot of emotion and atmosphere in them but they’re just so goddamned slow it makes you feel like you’ve taken a couple hits off a gravity bong or some shit.

Styles with an exciting chinlock…………………………………….. Cena powers out and its Five Moves of Fun time.  Styles rolls out through the backdrop suplex and takes Cena out with a kick…. Styles hits the post on a splash though and Cena hits it. Fifty Knuckles of Shuffles time but Styles ranas Cena in the middle of it. Styles with a dive to the outside…. This is such a weirdly slow match. I feel like Styles and Cena are soaking up the atmosphere of the crowd and are waiting till the end to turn it up but it makes for a weird viewing experince. Styles goes for another dive to the outside but Cena dodges. Cena throws Styles back in… Cena goes for the FU but Styles elbows the shit out of Cena and escapes. Styles with some CM Punk punches and kicks. Styles goes for something but gets caught in the STF… Styles gets the ropes.

Styles goes to the top but gets caught by Cena. That’s like the third time I’ve seen that shit on this show. Cena goes for a superplex but Styles sleazes out of it and pulls Cena’s leg causing him to fall. Styles goes for something but Cena backdrops him into the ropes. Cena goes for an FU off the top rope, Styles fights out with elbows again. Styles goes for something off the apron but Cena catches Styles in the FU, Styles rolls out into the Calf Crusher! Its kind of cool to see Styles put that on Cena in the middle of a WWE ring… but of course Cena gets the ropes. Styles goes after the leg with kicks. Cena takes Styles head off with a clothesline and hits the White Guy Shuffle. Cena with an FU for two. Cena goes to the top for his legdrop which pretty much never works and Styles reverses it into a powerbomb for two. I’m strangely bored by this match, like I’m into it and everything but it seems just underwhelming. Maybe I’ve just gotten too used to the Cena formula, I don’t know.

Cena comes back with punches but Styles puts Cena out with a Pele kick…. and Styles clash for two. Styles goes for a shooting star press off the apron but Cena gets his knees up. Cena goes for the FU but Styles lands on his feet, pele kick, Cena gos for the STF but Styles gets to the ropes, goes for the apron elbow finish but Cena catches Styles in the FU and hits Styles with it but the Ref got ko’d. Club comes down and hits Cena with their finisher, Styles gets the cover.

3.5/5.0 I don’t know, the match just didn’t click for me. It seemed extremely slow, there wasn’t any technical/submission aspects to the match except for the Calf submission deal and that didn’t even play into the end of the match. I don’t know if I’m just not in the mood for it or whatever but the match just came across as good, interesting but again formula matic (exact same match as Cena vs Punk, Bryan, Owens,) and that ending was bullshit. They basically put Cena over Styles as Cena had the clean win but then Gun Club came and won it for him. Its not THAT Styles cheated to win that bothers me but rather that Cena had the match won cleanly. Maybe Cena and Styles were purposely toning it down for a rematch down the line but if that’s the case it makes tonight feel so irrelevant. Solid, good match but dissapointing compared to some of Cena’s better matches against fan favorites.

6th Match: MITB involving special guest stars, Chris Jericho, Cesaro, Zayn, Owens, Ambrose and Del Rio WHO WILL WIN THE MITB MATCH!!??? Who will be buried??? Will the winner only hold the title for a month like Sheamus did or will they never win the title? TUNE INTO NITRO TO FIND OUT!!!

Fans are chanting stupid idiot which is pretty froot. Jericho supexes Ambrose into the ladder and rams Ambrose into the ladder while yelling 69 the whole time. I’m sorry Chris but I don’t think Ambrose wants to 69 you… Cesaro runs around hitting everyone with uppercuts for a little bit. I go to piss and come back and Zayn’s setting up the ladder, alone in the ring. Del Rio pulls Zayn off the ladder and kicks Zayn’s head off. Rio sets Zayn up in the tree of woe and sets up a ladder and baseball slides himself into it. Del Rio takes everyone out in a smart bit of booking, as Del Rio is the only one too win a MITB match. Del Rio takes out Cesaro with his finisher and starts climbing but Jericho cuts him off. Del Rio kicks Jericho and sends him down. Del Rio almost has the briefcase but Cesaro climbs up with him. Del Rio puts Cesaro in the cross armbreaker on the ladder….

A bunch of other shit happens and Jericho and Ambrose are fighting on the ladder. Jericho takes out Ambrose with a codebreaker. Jericho is climbing and he’s got the briefcase…. but Zayn gets on there. Owens takes them both out by pushing the ladder. Owens going up…. but Del Rio takes out Owens with a backstabber. Goddamn spanish people… they love to stab you in the back. Cesaro in and a Cesaro Swing to Del Rio. Jericho tries to hit Cesaro with the codebreaker but Cesaro catches him and swings Jericho into a ladder. Ambrose comes off the ladder with an elbow. Brought to you by Gold Bond Ultimate…. BUT WHAT HAPPENED TO A TOUCH OF GREY!!???

Owens hit Ambrose with a frogsplash off the top onto Ambrose who’s under a ladder. Zayn comes in and hits a Micnhnoku Driver onto Owens onto a ladder! Zayn climbing the ladder… a bunch of other shit happens and Ambrose wins. I’m kind of happy that Ambrose won it, I’ve been wanting them to push Dean for a while now BUT I REALLY wanted Owens to win. Not only that but I just lost 4 points in the Round table because I bet for Owens. I honestly couldn’t decide if Owen or Ambrose was going to win and I SHOULD have went for Ambrose but I thought that the foreshadowing on Raw was too heavy, I thought, for Ambrose to win. Whenever WWE is like YEAH THIS DUDE IS DEFINITELY GOING TO WIN, it usually means they aren’t going to win so I went with Owens… god dammit. Again, decent match but nothing great. I’d give it the same rating as the last match, 3.5/5.0

Rene Young is horny about Ambrose winning. Has anyone seen that Booker T has a shucky ducky quack quack thing on the pre show segments? I thought it was pretty funny honestly, miss having Booker T on commentary, he was just so fucking goofy. BTW Lita still looks hotter than fuck, even with all those goddamn tattoos.

7th Match: Rusev (C) w/ That Russian Hoe vs Titus O Neil for the US Title

I do like Titus honetly and its cool that he’s getting a bit of a push after that stupid bullshit with Vince but this match is just going to end up with Titus getting buried in front of his family to rank up Rusev’s heel credentials. If he DOES win the US Title I’ll actually be pretty impressed with WWE for making a good decision but its not going to happen. Titus says that if he wins the title he’s going to celebrate with his sons with juice and cookies, look these kids aren’t fucking 6, you can take them out for a nice steak dinner you cheap bastard. Father of the year my ass!

Rusev puts Titus in a chinlock and talks shit to Titus kids. Titus DIDN’T WIN THAT AWARD FOR NOTHING and comes back but Rusev cuts him off. Rusev misses a splash in the corner (4th time I’ve seen that spot tonight) and Titus hits Rusev with a backdrop suplex. Crowds not that into Titus, I think its just because the match feels so irrelevant and they’re also burnt out from Cena/Styles and the MITB match. Rusev goes for the Accolade… Titus roles out and hits a press handle slam for two. To the outside of the ring and Titus whips Rusev around. Back in and Titus eats two big kicks. Rusev into the Accolade…. and Titus taps. Well that’s… depressing.

3.5/5.0 I was actually digging the match, I like Titus a lot and he’s pretty good in the ring. They did a good job with the story and making you get into it and feel that Titus could actually win. Rusev tells Titus sons that their dad’s a loser and says happy Father’s Day. Its just so bizarre, yeah we’ll bring you back Titus and have you job out in front of your kids on Father’s Day.

Mick Foley’s daughter is suprisingly hot.

Main Event: Seth Rollins vs Roman Reigns (C) for the WWE WHC

The video package for this is really good, does a good job of going over the history, briefly, of Reigns and Rollins. It is nice to see Rollins back, actually wrestling, as he’s been doing but promo segments on Raw. Lillian Garcia gets hotter the more you watch nothing but sweaty, muscular dude’s wrestling each other and the hornier you get. She’s definitely getting up there in age but she still looks good in heels.

Fans are almost entirely behind Rollins. A you can’t chant wrestle for… well you know. Reigns keeps on punking Rollins out in the corner, pissing Rollins off. Rollins gets technical and takes Reigns down with an armbar into a headlock. Reigns look of confusion here is hilarious. “What is this technical wrestling you speak of?” Reigns with a shoulderblock to Rollins… another one. I’m kind of just waiting for this show to end so I can go watch some porn…

Rollins sends Reigns to the outside and hits Reigns with a dive. Back in the ring and Rollins with two running elbows but gets caught with a Samoan Drop. Reigns always his this shitty grin on his face, makes it really easy to hate him. Reigns with some EXAGGERATED WWE MOVES!!! Reigns talks some shit to Rollins and it just makes him seem like such a dick. “Who do you think you are? You know who I am? You’re just the little brother.” HOW ARE THEY NOT BOOKING THIS GUY AS A HEEL!??? Rollins gets tired of Reigns talking shit and smacks him in the face. Reigns with elbows but Rollins comes back with kicks… Reigns PUNCHES Rollins outside the ring! BRO REIGNS IS BEING BOOKED LIKE BROCK LESNAR!!! HOW DO YOU NOT EXPECT PEOPLE TO BOO HIM, WHAT THE FUCK!!???

Reigns THROWS Rollins past the commentary table, breaks the count and then just rams Rollins into the table a bunch of times. Reigns sets up the table…. this is just bizarre booking. Reigns is kicking the shit out of Rollins, talking shit to him…. but Reigns is SUPPOSED to be the face! Who is booking this shit!?? Anyway, Rollins rams Reigns into the steps and they both go inside. Reigns catches Rollins and hits his cute lil Razor’s Edge Powerbomb thing for two. Reigns sets up for his Superman Punch but Rollins reverses into his reverse urnage into the turnbuckle. Rollins with a spinny kick and sends Reigns to the outside. Rollins with a suicide dive and then a senton dive to the outside! This is just bizarre booking, as Rollins is the one I want to be cheering for and not just because I like him either but because of the story of the match too. Reigns is this big asshole just beating the shit out of this smaller dude and talking shit to him but Rollins is coming back with exciting moves that the crowds into and barely surviving against this monster.

Anywho, Rollins goes for the Pedigree but Reigns backdrops out and hits the Superman Punch for a two count. Reigns gets set up for…. a spear but Rollins gets his knee up. Rollins comes off the apron with a knee and Rollins goes up top. Big frogsplash for two. Rollins goes up top again but gets caught by Reigns….. Rollins rolls out and hits Reigns with a turnbuckle powerbomb into his kick to the face for two. Rollins sets Reigns up top… superplex into an inverted suplex for two. Love Rollins unique moveset. Rollins goes for the pedigree again…. Reigns reverses into the one armed powerbomb he does for two.

Reigns and Rollins trade punches, Rollins goes for the Pedigree AGAIN but instead changes into the corner powerbomb but Reigns jumps off it and hits Rollins with a Superman Punch for two. Rollins rolls to the outside, Reigns follows, Reigns goes for a spear through the barricade but Rollins dodges it. A doctor comes out, probably to make sure that Reigns isn’t bleeding because WWE is pussified. Reigns goes for the spear but Rollins hits the pedigree… for two! It was extremely cool how Rollins caught him. Rollins hits another pedigree FOR THE WIN!!!! WHAT!!!????????? HOLY SHIT SON!!!!!

4.0/5.0 Decent match with a very different story to it and the ending bumps it up. I mean YEAHHHH Rollins is the champ baby!!!!!


Final Thoughts: An extremely boring, middling show but that last match and the cash in make it all worthwhile. Goddamn, what an ending. Completely changes the main event picture and Ambrose FINALLY makes it to the top. Great ending.

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