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WWE Monday Night Raw Preview for 07.04.2016: 16 Man Elimination Tag Match, Dean Ambrose vs. The Miz Champion vs. Champion, Titus vs. Rusev | Inside Pulse

WWE Monday Night Raw Preview for 07.04.2016: 16 Man Elimination Tag Match, Dean Ambrose vs. The Miz Champion vs. Champion, Titus vs. Rusev


WWE has an all new Monday Night Raw planned for United States Independence day tonight, LIVE from the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, OH

The lead story heading into Raw is an enormous 16 man Elimination match between the US and non US wrestlers

Raw is hosting a huge cookout throughout Monday, and everyone on the roster is invited … including WWE Champion Dean Ambrose. Will The Lunatic Fringe bring chaos with a side of coleslaw to the festivities? Plus, who will come out on top in a 16-Man Elimination Tag Team Match pitting American Superstars against global competitors? Before your favorite Superstars fire up the grill, check out what’s in store on what promises to be an explosive, star-spangled edition of Monday night’s hottest show.

Monday Night Raw has stiff competition with a major holiday and outdoor fireworks, but WWE has already announced three huge matches for the show.

Building off of a mini storyline that began on Smackdown last week, Dean Ambrose will go one on one against The Miz. This is actually a Champion vs. Champion match where Dean as the WWE Champion will go against The Miz who is the current WWE Intercontinental Champion. This can be compared to a similar situation in the main event of Wrestlemania 6 where Hulk Hogan took on the Ultimate Warrior! These two titans will square off on this edition of Raw.

Speaking of huge title matches, the reigning WWE United States Champion Rusev, with the lovely Lana by his side, will once again take on Titus O’Neil with the title on the line. After failing to win the strap on Father’s Day and looking like a failure and a chump in front of his children, can Titus save his reputation in the name of America on American Independence Day? Or will Titus feel another arbitrary holiday-based humiliation?

In a match being billed as the USA vs. the World, there is a 16-Man Elimination match planned for Raw with two HUGE 8 man teams. None of the members of either team have been announced yet, but it is sure to be a long match that eats up a lot of the three hour broadcast.

Elsewhere, the issues between Shane and Stephanie continue, although it’s unconfirmed that either or both will be on the show. They could choose to stay off the show, which will certainly be a low rated edition of Raw. WWE.com is teasing another former authority figure to make an appearance on the show, and it appears that Vickie Guerrero will be on the show to fill the role of returning delusional former GM.

The rivalry between John Cena and The Club is one of the hottest issues in WWE right now, and they each cost each other a slot in the WWE Title match at Battleground 2016. The fallout of those matches, and the next chapter in their storyline will unfold on Raw.

The WWE Women’s Division has two big storylines currently. WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte, and her bodyguard Dana Brooke, are currently dealing with the challenge of Sasha Banks. Will they wrestle at Battleground? Or will it be delayed until Summerslam 2016? We should find out on Raw this week. In addition, Becky Lynch has been feuding with all of the women who have turned on her over the last year, and the latest is Natalya. The next chapter in their storyline should unfold on Raw.

Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens have a huge grudge match booked for Battleground 2016, and the physicality between them will continue. They will likely be involved in some way in the 16 man elimination match on Raw and one can predict that they will brawl and get counted out of the match.

The Wyatt Family returned to Raw, and turned back to the dark side after flirting with becoming babyface fan favorites. They are targetting the New Day, and in particular ZXavier Woods appears to be taking it very seriously. Can the Wyatts turn Xavier to their side? And what’s their greater goal – could it be to gain the WWE Tag Team Titles? We should see at least one segment with these teams on Raw tonight

All this plus the Social Outcasts, Enzo & Cass, Baron Corbin, Alberto Del Rio, Sheamus and more!

Here is the WWE.com Quick Hits Preview:

  1. Could The Miz score a leading role in this summer blockbuster? Live on Raw, the self-professed “A-Lister” battles Dean Ambrose in a Champion vs. Champion Match you won’t want to miss.
  2. Will Cena get payback against The Club? Despite facing insurmountable odds against AJ Styles, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows, Cena will roll into Raw looking for a fight, clad proudly in red, white and blue
  3. Are “Team U.S.A.” world-beaters? Which American Superstars will clash with a squad of international competitors?
  4. Can Titus O’Neil capture star-spangled gold? Rusev will defend America’s title on the Fourth of July against Titus O’Neil
  5. Will a former SmackDown General Manager join in Monday’s festivities? Since Monday will be a celebration no one in the WWE Universe will want to miss, you can bet that at least one former GM will be looking to drop by.

Check out this awesome pic of Charlotte at the Yokosuka Naval Base to see the U.S. Naval Forces in Japan before the WWE show in Tokyo last week:

The next WWE PPV is Battleground 2016, which is Sunday July 24, 2016, only 5 days after the huge Brand Split 2.0 draft.

On Monday Night Raw for June 27, Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens agreed to a grudge match on the Highlight Reel. They teased that they would be drafted to separate brands and this was the time for them to settle things.

The PPV now has 2 official matches.

WWE Battleground 2016 will be Sunday July 24, 2016, after the WWE Draft.

WWE World Heavyweight Title
Dean Ambrose (c) vs. Seth Rollins vs. Roman Reigns

Sami Zayn vs. Kevin Owens

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