Pull List Roundtable 7/13/2016 – Civil War II #3, DC Rebirth, Wrath Of The Eternal Warrior #9 & More

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John Babos

11 comics and 1 tpb this week.

  • Action Comics #959 – Loving this new take on the Superman Family literally now. Curious about Lex Luthor’s future in particular.
  • Bloodshot Reborn #15 – Deathmate hunts Bloodshot?
  • Detective Comics #936 – I was not expecting to be reading this book beyond the first issue, but it has me intrigued. Love this Team Batman type premise and any book with Tim Drake is a must read. Plus, Clayface? Yes, please.
  • Earth 2 Society #14 – Sticking with this as I’m curious what happens with here with another JSA in the offing due to Rebirth.
  • Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps Rebirth #1 – This should be an interesting one. Apparently the ongoing series is where Kyle Rayner returns; it seeded here?
  • New Super-Man #1 – China’s building its own Justice League, Freedom Fighters and more, but is this new Super-Man on the same page as his sponsors?
  • Nightwing Rebirth #1 – Grayson back to his super-hero roots with the Court of Owls a big part of his ongoing series. This could be a keeper too.
  • Ninjak #17 – Has Roku destroyed Ninjak?
  • Rough Riders #4 – This team of historical heroes thrown together with steampunk type weaponry is a must read.
  • Six Million Dollar Man: Fall of Man #1 – Another attempt to make the SMDM a viable comic book series.
  • Suicide Squad Volume 4 TPB: The Janus Directive – I am a huge fan of the John Ostrander penned SS run from the 1980s and this is a great collection of an event that crossed several books with Amanda Waller at its heart. This a recommended story and am glad its being collected.
  • Wrath of the Eternal Warrior #9 – Labyrinth continues!

Mike Maillaro

  • Nightwing Rebirth #1 – Grayson was one of the best series DC put out the last few years. I am really curious how they go about putting the genie back in the bottle since everyone knows Nightwing’s secret identity…though Dick Grayson is supposed to be dead. And we never really got follow up to the end of Robin War. Lots of questions here, but I am still pretty excited to read it.
  • Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps Rebirth #1 – I had kind of given up on Green Lantern for a while, but Green Lanterns Rebirth has been very good. So I have added this to my pull lost hoping DC can keep the momentum going here.
  • Powerpuff Girls #1 – While the Powerpuff relaunch has been kind of blah, I am hoping that the comic will be good at least.
  • Millarworld Annual 2016 #1 – Another book I am kind of torn on. I loved the last several series that Millar has put out…BUT…this book isn’t by Millar, it’s by contest winners who have set their stories in the various worlds Millar created. Hopefully, this one will have a few hidden gems, but I am not sure it’s worth paying $3 for…
  • New Super-Man #1 – New Super-Man appeared briefly during Super-League. I thought it was a very cool take on the Superman story. All the Superman books have been so good lately, so I can’t wait for this one!
  • Sabrina #6 – Hey…didn’t issue 5 just come out a few weeks ago?? I think this is the first time since the series launched way back in October 2014 that we’re getting two issues within a few weeks! Hopefully they can string a few more of these together. This is actually a terrific book, but I find it hard to remember what happens from issue to issue when I have to wait months in between.
  • Civil War II – Lots of Civil War this week. Civil War #3, CW: Amazing Spider-Man 2, Choosing Sides 2, Gods of War 2. Probably other books I am forgetting. We are pretty deep in here, and I still don’t know how I feel about this one. Great concept, but the execution has been a little flat. Hoping it picks up soon, but like Secret Wars, it seems like a mostly forgettable crossover event.
  • Disney’s Darkwing Duck #3 – Kind of hard to keep up with this series because they don’t do it digitally, but the first two issues were awesome. Disney also doesn’t do digital copies of their IDW series. Not sure why that is exactly. It is a real hassle for me as a primarily digital reader.
  • Archangel #2 – Sci-Fi God William Gibson put together this quirky time travel series for IDW. I picked it up on a recommendation from my friend Matt. First issue was solid and I’m curious to see how the rest of this one plays out.
  • Wrath of the Eternal Warrior #9 – Labyrinth has been one hell of a disturbing story. Gilead has been captured and put in a maze where he is forced to die and reborn over and over again. Last issue, Gilead seemed about to turn things in his favor, but it’s still been pretty messed up. Wrath of the Eternal Warrior is one of Valiant’s best series, though not for the weak of heart.

James Fulton

  • Morning Glories #50 – With all of Nick Spencer’s work at Marvel (Captain America, Ant-Man) and his other Image titles (The Fix), I was worried that this title was forgotten. As the mysteries and the delays have piled up at the same time, I’ll admit that it’s a lot harder to remember much of what was going on in this book, but I’m hoping this issue will provide some big answers.
  • New Super-Man #1 – I’ve been a fan of Gene Luen Yang’s writing since I first read American Born Chinese, and I’m interested in seeing how this story, featuring a Chinese Superman character, works. This is one of only two DC Rebirth titles I preordered, because I want to vote for this title with my wallet and show DC that it has support. Too often books like this fizzle out quickly.
  • Nightwing Rebirth #1 – I’m a fan of both Tim Seeley and Yannick Paquette, so I’m more than willing to give this title a shot. Seeley was one half of the writing team on the excellent Grayson, which made me like Dick Grayson more than I ever have before.
  • The Violent #5 – This Image series, by Ed Brisson and Adam Gotham, has been wonderfully brutal. It’s a look at a family that is torn apart by the man’s choices and violent nature, and it is amazing.
  • Vision #9 – I can barely express how much I’m looking forward to this comic. I love everything about this title.