DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers: DC Rebirth The Flash #9 A DC Universe Rebirth #1 Sequel In “Kid Flash Of Two Worlds” w/ Watchmen’s Doctor Manhattan? DC Comics October 2016 Solicitations!

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Not only is DC Universe Rebirth #1 going to a fourth printing, its also getting a sequel of sorts story-wise. Will we see the Watchmen’s Doctor Manhattan debut on panel in DC Comics Rebirth’s The Flash #9 that hits stands in October 2016? After all, a big part of this special issue would need to be am investigation around the time that was stolen from the original Wally West and DC Universe, right?

Doctor Manhattan vs Wally West DC Rebirth banner DC Comics Rebirth symbols
Spoilers and news for The Flash #9 follow.

    FLASH #9

    DC Comics Rebirth The Flash #9 The Kid Flash of Two Worlds DC Universe Rebirth #1 sequel

    (W) Williamson (A) Neil Googe (CA) Carmine Di Giandomenico (CA) Dave Johnson
    “KID FLASH OF TWO WORLDS!” In this single-issue tale, Wally West meets Wally West! The original Kid Flash meets his cousin for the very first time in this special issue, which continues The Flashes’ investigation into the events that began in DC UNIVERSE: REBIRTH #1.

    In Shops: Oct 26, 2016
    SRP: $2.99

The cover for The Flash #9 is an homage to the Flash #123 (volume 1) which introduced the concept of Earth 2 and brought the original Flash back.

Flash 123 The Flash of Two Worlds

It’s been homaged a lot… I mean a lot! Here’s just a few.

Flash of Two Worlds homage A

Flash of Two Worlds homage B

Flash of Two Worlds homage C

Flash of Two Worlds homage D

Flash of Two Worlds homage E

Flash of Two Worlds homage F

Flash of Two Worlds homage G

Flash of Two Worlds homage H

Flash of Two Worlds homage I

Flash of Two Worlds homage J

I’m sure there are other homages that I missed. Feel free to leave links to them in the comments section below and I’ll update.

Also, if you want to pick up a tpb that has the original Flash of Two Worlds tale and more you’re in luck!

The Flash of Two Worlds tpb

All that said, The Flash #9 seems intriguing.

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