Ric Flair on the Brand Split, World Title Situation – “I would have one world champion”

ric flair


Ric Flair discussed this week’s WWE Draft on his podcast. Some highlights are below:

On the Brand Split: “I think it’s great. I hope that everyone can stay healthy because it’s going to require a lot of depth on the roster. If everyone’s healthy, it’ll be awesome. It’s great. It gets people talking. The fact that they’re talking about it now and it’s still a week and a half away, it’s pretty cool, so I think it’ll be awesome.”

On having only one main event title: “I would have one world champion in both divisions. I mean, one champion for each. I would leave the format the way it is with the championship belts. Either [have the champions travel back and forth between the brands] or only on pay-per-views. Does that make sense? I don’t know, but there’s got to be a way to do it. I feel like if they make other champions in each brand, they’re going to dilute it a little bit.”

On who to build the brands around: “There are five or six guys that are imperatively important to either brand and you’re starting out with Roman [Reigns], Dean [Ambrose], Seth [Rollins], John Cena, Randy Orton’s coming back, if Hunter works, boom. I mean, I’m leaving some people out, but, AJ Styles, I mean, the depth chart is very important. Randy coming back, as I mentioned, is huge. I don’t think he starts back till SummerSlam.”

On Reigns having to apologize to the locker room for his suspension: “I don’t remember ever seeing that. And I don’t know. Did that actually take place? To be honest with you, without talking to those guys, which I haven’t, I don’t feel comfortable commenting because I just know that there had to be a reason.”