Interinactivity: Is Heath Slater The New Era?

Hi, I’m BD. You may remember me from such ahead-of-their-time columns as “TNA almost makes BD jump through a plate glass window” and “why the FUCK are you guys into Shaemus?!” I’ve not written any columns for quite some time, but between being inspired by the best recapper of all time, our SmackDown man David Spain, some very nice emails I’ve received lately about old recaps, and the fact that the recent WWE Draft had a good shot to make things interesting again, I was considering recapping RAW. Then the Draft happened, and it was a pretty huge dropped ball, so I thought I’d wait a couple weeks to see what RAW was like before I committed. See, I don’t even WATCH RAW, so I’d need a couple weeks of solid-sounding shows before I committed to watching, let alone recapping.

So I checked Wrestling Inc’s recap of RAW last night and saw the following:

  • “We get a look at The Bella Twins at the Choice Awards.”
  • “Braun Strowman squashes local jobber.”
  • “Mark Henry says he’s made some changes in the Hall of Pain and it’s time for a re-opening.”
  • “Henry says he has a lot left in him and he feels like he needs just one more run.”
  • “R-Truth is backstage playing Pokemon Go. Goldust believes he’s addicted to the game.”
  • “Truth is busy playing Pokemon on the apron. The Shining Stars get the win while Truth is busy with the game.”
  • “Russev says the Olympics are rigged and starts ripping the Olympic committee.”
  • “Titus O’Neil vs. Darren Young”
  • “Titus barks.”
  • “Shaemus wonders why Mark Henry got a title shot when he was overlooked.”
  • “Nia Jax squashes local jobber.”
  • “Heath Slater is in the ring with a returning Jinder Mahal.”
  • “Jinder Mahal vs. Heath Slater”
  • “Jinder immediately nails Slater for the win and the RAW contract.”

… so I think it’s safe to say I won’t be watching RAW. Don’t get me wrong, I went and YouTube’d Rollins / Zayn and New Day / Bullet Club, and Owens and Jericho could be a really fun team.

But there’s no way I’m taking in a 3-hour show with 2 good matches, especially when it’s filled with some of the above. Pokemon GO, Mark Henry and JINDER MAHAL? Actually?

However, checking out the recap lead me to a comment section which led me to give Interinactivity another try. For how long? Who knows. Certainly no shortage of material on WINC. I feel I should point out that the majority of the people on WINC make sense, and a lot of them are funny. This isn’t like TNA Mecca where 75% of the people are grown in an environment where it’s dark and damp or anything, but there is a TON of nonsense on there as well, and that’s where the fun of Interinactivity comes in.

Let’s give this a shot. The recap with the comments in question can be found here.


DB2202000: I like them adding in a couple jobber squashes.

BD: Yeah, let’s throw in a concept that was outdated when they were still doing it in the 1990’s. Nothing cranks up the Network subscriptions like the mindset: “Well Braun Strowman should obviously be able to beat Brock Lesnar. After all, he dominated 3 people who’s name I can’t remember and will never see again.”


David E: I really love that New Day and Enzo&Cas are pushing TV-PG to and maybe past it’s limits.

BD: Look, I love New Day and Enzo & Cass too – but it’s not like it’s edgy TV. It’s fun and innovative TV, but let’s not pretend it’s pushing the PG limit.


1 Broken Crunchy Punch: Slater is really damn entertaining man

El Hijo Del Santa: Those people that don’t understand he’s getting a push need to learn how wrestling works. Slater has had TV time on both Raw and Smackdown in the past week. He’ll probably be on Smackdown again tonight for Shelton or someone else. Any exposure on the live shows is good news.

1 Broken Crunchy Punch: lol i watch him more than anyone else on the roster when the barocky is missing

halfdevil: got to give it to him, he can certainly handle the mic.

BD: Oh, totally. I mean, it’s not like he’s being doing this EXACT schtick for the past 3 years and it’s obviously paid huge dividends for him so far.


Tuan Kacang: Kinda sad for slater to not winning now. But maybe next week he’ll be on raw still demanding for a contract and finally gets a squash match with a local where if he wins he will get his contract. He’s decent at the ring and mic, but his state at the bookings aren’t that good. Maybe medium-low.

BD: This was a SEPARATE comment thread. Another one on Heath Slater. What the fuck?!

I don’t know what “decent at the ring” or “his state at the bookings aren’t that good” even means, but someone show me ONE good Heath Slater match. Just ONE.

Heath Slater.

Is not.

A fucking.



stand.bye: I actually want to see Heath slater get taken semi-seriously…guy is a great worker and his mic skills are better than half the guys at the top.




Chris: Reigns should be the face of Raw. While he gets mostly boos, he always gets the loudest reactions.

BD: Under that logic, the decade where they hemorrhaged viewers was a success because John Cena got the “loudest reactions”.


Tweener: Balor is just not main event material, he is just too boring, too generic and too robotic. Take away his paint what does he have? NOTHING!!!!

Rodycaz: He was embarrassing tonight, he looked scared of Rollins and nervous af! What a joke, clearly not ready for the big time.

BD: For the record, I agree that hotshotting anyone to the top straight away can have it’s risks whether they’re talented or otherwise (and Balor is incredibly talented), but according to the results he got one of the loudest reactions all night, and NOT like a Cena / Reigns “loudest reaction”. So, obviously, he’s working for most people.

It’s going to be an awesome match, probably the best one they could give him that will let him showcase to people who aren’t familiar with him what he can do. It doesn’t mean he’s beating Rollins or anything, but that’s how he’ll get over with the people he’s not already over with.


Rodycaz: You can tell that crowd wasn’t that impressed with Balor’s promo, I even heard some boos. He’s not as over as smarks think he is, I think Rollins will get more cheered at SS.

BD: Well, Rollins is popular too. Why is that a surprise? He always has been.

Incidentally, there are TONS of anti-Balor comments on WINC. I was pretty surprised. Not exactly sure what that’s all about since I don’t believe the dude has even had a singles match since appearing on the main roster.


Jack Bauer 24: Why all the Jinder hate?

BD: Dude, it’s Jinder Mahal. It’s not like anyone was clamoring for his return.


Jack Bauer 24: Who is Miz going to start a program with now for the IC strap?

BD: A better question would be, who cares who Mis is going to start a program with now for the IC strap?


MrIdeal247: sheamus is better on the mic though and more charismatic (than Balor)

BD: Anytime someone says something like this, the DMV should automatically send them handicap plates. Seriously? I know mileage may vary on Balor promos, but name one good Shaemus promo.


Strongman Reigns: I hope they push Roman Reigns. He deserves the title. Not Balor or Rollins

BD: Yeah, because what could go wrong?


Anyway, there are literally thousands of comments on this thing. I’m not scrolling through them all. As time goes on maybe I’ll find a better way to sort through them.

This was kinda fun, maybe I will do more. If you see any comments there or anywhere you’d like me to post, or if you just want to let me know what you thought in the comments, that’d be great.

See you when I see you.


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