Eric Bischoff On WCW Cruiserweght Division, WWE Embracing His Ideas – “The fact there is a live show on Monday is a direct result of what I established”



Eric Bischoff recently spoke with Sports Illustrated, here are the highlights..

On Starting The WCW Cruiserweght Division: “When I hired the first group of cruiserweights–which consisted of Dean Malenko, Chris Jericho and Eddie Guerrero–I sat them down in my office and I was very clear to them. I said to them, almost verbatim, ‘You need to be my human car crashes at 9pm.’”

On Using The Term Cruiserweght: “When I created the Cruiserweight division in WCW, nobody called them cruiserweights in the industry at that point,” explained Bischoff. “That was a boxing term, not a wrestling term, but I did not want to call them junior heavyweights, light heavyweights, or anything that made them sound diminutive. I wanted it to sound special and cool. I’d watched wrestlers over in Japan who had that real hard-hitting, fast-paced athletic approach to their presentation, and I watched the luchadors when I’d been exposed to them in Los Angeles prior to hiring them.”

On WWE Embracing His Ideas and Making Them Better: “My [Legends interview with] JBL talks a little bit about my impact in wrestling where he enumerated a few of the things I did that still resonate today, even in the WWE product,” said Bischoff. “The fact there is a live show on Monday is a direct result of what I established and what I did to overcome them in the ratings. They reluctantly brought in the cruiserweights they brought in the Rey Mysterios, the Chris Jerichos, the Dean Malenkos–that had that style of wrestling even though they didn’t brand them the way I did. ‘The WWE also embraced more of a reality-based approach to wrestling a year or two after I established it. I knew, deep down inside, were it came from. The WWE did it better than I did, and they’re still here and I’m not, but nonetheless–I knew where it came from.”

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