10 thoughts on CWC Episode 6 – Jack Gallagher, Akira Tozawa, Brian Kendrick

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1. It’s the second episode of Round 2 of the Cruiserweight Classic and we kick off with a recap of last weeks victories from Gran Metalik and Kota Ibushi. So far, so great.

2. Our first match of the night is Jack Gallagher from England taking on Akira Tozawa from Japan, and both of these guys were awesome in their first round matches. I expect to see one or both of these gentlemen in NXT before too long…

3. Gallagher has an amazing ring presence and some fine technical wrestling, while Tozawa sells nicely for a mid match comedy bit, but comes back with some stiff strikes and a laser-like intensity. Daniel Bryan talks up Gallagher’s technique before Tozawa almost kicks his face off, then finally picks up the win with the bridging German suplex. Five star match with both contestants coming out looking fantastic.

4. Following that clinic is Scotland’s Noam Dar taking on Hong Kong’s Hoho Lun, and to be honest neither of these guys really blew me away in the first round.

5. And of course Dar and Lun immediately prove me wrong as they put on a really solid match with a combination of smooth chain wrestling and hard-ass kicks to the lower limbs. Seriously, that shit can’t be good for your knees…

6. Dar keeps working Luns legs, trying to set up his finisher, and eventually locks in the knee bar for the submission victory. While I can’t see Noam progressing past the next round, he definitely displayed a lot more in his second match than his first.

7. Our main event tonight is the Premiere Athlete Tony Nese vs the veteran Brian Kendrick, and will Daniel Bryan mention yet again that they had their first ever match together?

8. Nese takes control early displaying some sweet moves, and this dude is working really hard to get a WWE gig. Bryan mentions his hundreds of matches against Kendrick, but doesn’t say the magic words as Brian fires up for a while before being taken out by Nese.

9. And then Mauro spoils the game by mentioning that famous first encounter before Daniel can, so Bryan doubles down by reminding us that he and Kendrick actually lived together. Nese looks like a superstar as he beats the absolute crap out of Kendrick, but finally misses a 450 splash and gets trapped in the bully choke for the submission victory for Kendrick.

10. Another excellent episode of CWC, and I am literally running out of superlatives to describe this show.

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