WWE Cruiserweight Classic 8-31-16 Recap (Tozawa vs. Metalik, Ibushi vs. Kendrick)

The CWC is recapped and Corey hypes up “the great eight” that remain. Gran Metalik and Akira Tozawa get nice hype videos – giving us the biggest international matchup yet with Tozawa vs. Mascara Dorada next. Tozawa is out and Mauro hypes up Metalik being a big star in CMLL and how it’s the oldest wrestling promotion in the world. Lots of quick back and forth matwork starts this off. Metalik locks on a leglock, but Tozawa sends him over off a headlock and a headscissor.

Back and forth tie-ups lead to a harsh break by Tozawa as he kicks him in the gut and hits a slick Japanese armdrag. Back and forth forearm smashes lead to Tozawa running into the ropes, and then being dropkicked hard. A springboard dropkick sends Tozawa to the floor where he eats a tope suicida. Metalik hits a gorgeous springboard crossbody for 2. Metalik locks on the HBK figure four/sharpshooter, but Tozawa gets to the rope. Metalik hits a huge buzzsaw kick for 2. Metalik goes for a handspring elbow, but eats a perfect-looking dropkick to the back to counter. A bicycle kick sends Metalik to the floor where he eats a tope suicida of his own!


He lands a second one and collapses on the floor. Mauro talks about how Tozawa represents the new era of puroresu while Bryan talks about Dragon Gate having a lucha influence. Tozawa slams him and hits his unique senton for 2. Tozawa teases a big chop, but slugs him instead for 2. Tozawa tells the fans to be quiet so they can hear him dropkick Metalik, and Mauro talks about how it’s LLDG in Japan because the ladies love Dragon Gate and he’s amazed at how many of them attend the shows. Metalik sends him down and gets 2 off a standing SSP. Tozawa rolls through a sunset flip and gets 2 off a shining wizard. Tozawa hits the corner bicycle kick and gets 2 off a Saito suplex.


Tozawa’s look of shock is outstanding and he fires himself up, but eats a superkick and then a run-up springboard dropkick sends him out! Flying flip dive to the floor! Metalik slams him, but a moonsault is met with two boots that get 2. Tozawa gets crotched up top and eats a rana for 2.5! Tozawa hits a back kick, misses a tornado kick and goes for a German – but Metalik escapes only to eat a snap German! Deadlift German hits for 2.5! He goes for a package German, but Metalik counters and hits the Metalik Driver to win! This was amazing and one of the best matches in the series so far. Mauro talks about how great it is to see Metalik representing lucha libre on the WWE stage.

Ibushi vs. Kendrick is hyped up, and Bryan loves him some Kendrick. Kendrick says that winning this tournament is possibly his last chance. Everyone else wants to win it, while he needs to and being in the ring is where he’s at his happiest. He says he sees the light dimming, and his dream is over if he doesn’t win. Ibushi’s highlight reel showcases him as one of the best in the world with English commentary making him seem like an even bigger star than the clips do.


Kendrick comes out and we see Kendrick’s win over Nese while Mauro talks about Bryan’s history with Kendrick. Ibushi comes out while Mauro talks about how Ibushi has a neck injury, but doesn’t tie that into the bully choke. Kendrick plays a Larry Zybisko role here stalling a bit, but coming in and then eating a strike combination. Kendrick elbows him, but eats a big roundhouse kick! Golden Triangle moonsault hits on the floor! Kendrick ties his foot into the barricade, but still eats a missile dropkick for 2.

Ibushi lands a series of kicks to the legs and chest. Kendrick crawls to the ropes, leading to Kendrick playing a perfect wounded dog role here. Kendrick hits a neckbreaker over the turnubckle connector and Kendrick kicks him coming back in for 2. Kendrick locks on a rolling cravate and then sends ihm over with an inverted headlock, leading to Mauro referencing Minoru Suzuki. Kendrick hits a back elbow, but eats a big dropkick and a corner moonsault gets 2.


Bryan talks about Kendrick being in a training match, breaking his finger and just putting it back into place. Kendrick gets 2 off a small package and superkicks him. Sliced Bread hits for 2! Kendrick looks crestfallen, but knows he can’t give in. Kendrick goes for a sleeper up top, but a Pele sends Kendrick down. Ibushi hits a power German suplex off the second rope! It gets 2! Jesus was that amazing! Ibushi roundhouses him down, but the facelock takedown and is executed and the bully choke is locked on! Ibushi fights out of it, but eats a burning hammer for 2.5! Kendrick clubs away, but eats a roundhouse and an inverted Omori Driver for 2. Phoenix Splash misses and the bully choke is on! Ibushi rolls through for 2 on a cradle, and hits a roundhouse kick for 2! Sitout last ride hits and ends the tournament for Kendrick! This was amazing and yet another classic hour of wrestling in the CWC. In another “post-credits” kind of scene, we see Bryan Danielson leave the booth and head into the ring to hug Brian Kendrick. He holds his hand up high and cries beside his friend. This one minute-long thing told a better story than every opening 20 minute promo in Raw ever.

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