Fan Expo 2016: DC Comics Superman Of 2965, 2967 & 2999, Justice Alliance With Reflecto The Most Important Hero In Legion Of Super-Heroes & More Featured In The Haul?!

One of the things I like to do at comic cons is rummage through the bins to find deals on quirky books. I wrote before about how I was intrigued by DC Comics characters like Superman 2020, Mr. and Mrs. Superman, Bruce (Superman) Wayne and Vartox and found their earliest and modern appearances; they still hold cherished places in my comics collection even if their value from a resale perspective may not be high.

Mr and Mrs Superman w Bruce Superman Wayne w Superman 2020 w Superman 2965

Well at Fan Expo Canada this weekend I completed another quirky Superman collection with the appearances of Klar Ken T-5477 aka Superman 2965 and later Superman 2967 and later still post Crisis on Infinite Earths the Superman of 2999.

Below were my gets at Fan Expo Canada for pretty decent deals.

Before I get to Superman 2965 and beyond, earlier in the year I picked up the Reflecto saga in the pages of the Legion of Super-Heroes on a whim and enjoyed it. Problem is I forgot to pick up 1981’s LOSH #277 where that arc started. Problem solved at Fan Expo!

Fan Expo Legion of Superheroes 277

The first appearance of Superman 2965 was in the pages of Superman #181 from 1965 (see the correlation?).

Fan Expo Superman 181

I also picked up 1967’s World’s Finest #166 which featured the return of a now Superman 2967 alongside a future Batman fighting the future Superman’s arch nemesis Muto teamed with a silly looking future Joker!

Fan Expo Worlds Finest #166

After the death and return of Superman in 1998, I picked up the first multi-series Superman arc after Superman Forever that featured various Supermen anchoring: Adventures of Superman, Action Comics, Man of Steel and Superman. Well, the Superman series featured a now Superman 2999, Muto and the gang in a pretty interesting tale.

Fan Expo Superman 136

Fan Expo Superman 137

Fan Expo Superman 138

Fan Expo Superman 139

I also picked the other connected Superman series:

  • Superman: Man of Steel #80-83 featuring the Golden Age Superman.
  • Adventures of Superman #558-561 featuring the Silver Age Superman.
  • Action Comics #745-748 featuring the 1970s referred to as the Polyester Supermen.

It was pretty cool because that last 1998 arc also introduced Superman 2999’s allies…

Superman 2999 and the justice alliance

…the Justice Alliance!

Did you pick up anything interesting during comic con season this year or this weekend at Fan Expo Canada or the Baltimore Comic Con?

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