Marvel & Netflix’s Luke Cage Recap Episode 2; “Code of the Streets”


Luke is standing alone at night, looking at a building and listening to music, when some punk kid comes up behind him with a gun. The punk calls him the n word and Luke is  offended he’d do that across from a building he says is named for one of their greatest heroes. Opening credits and we’re with Detective Colleen who is Sherlock scanning the crime scene from last episode in her head. She and her partner discuss what they think really happened.

Luke is at the barber shop and chatting with his boss about black revolutionaries, until the last customers leave and boss asks him about the fight at the restaurant. He again encourages Luke to be a hero and tells him some local history. He gets Luke to open up a little and pleads with him to get more involved because he can feel that a storm is coming.

Shortly thereafter Cottonmouth comes in to the shop for a shave, and stars smooth taking Pops. Luke starts mapping out the distance between all of Cottonmouth’s goons just in case, and skeevy guy stars talking about Chico. Luke subtly offers to Pop to take them all out but Pops says no. After they leave, Pop asks Luke to find Chico before Cottonmouth does.

Colleen and her partner are asking some young guys at a ball court about Chico. They all play tough so she challenges them to some game, and hands them all heir asses, while Luke goes looking for Chico. Cottonmouth and the councilwoman talk about the money she took from her donations to fix up his club.

Luke and Pops talk outside he shop. He found Chico but Chico refuses to come in. Pop tells him about his own criminal past and tells Luke again to stand up for the neighbourhood. They go inside and find Chico waiting for them, having apparently changed his mind. Pop yells at him, then hugs him. Detective Colleen shows up, and apparently she gave Luke a fake name after sex because her name is Mercedes, or Misty for short.

She asks them if they’ve seen Chico but Luke and pop cover for him. Misty and her partner leave but one of the chess players has seen that Chico is there. Cottonmouth and his cousin the councilwoman have another meeting has pop asks Luke to go and talk to cottonmouth. When Luke gets to the club the chess player text one of Cottonmouth’s goons gets a text from chess guy about Chico.
Cottonmouth tells his goon he’ll go meet Pop tomorrow and talk as Pop wishes, but his goon decides to impress his boss by completely ignoring his orders like a bloody idiot and goes to the Barbershop armed, shoots the place to high hell, and kills Chico and Pop as Luke uses his body to shield the law students son who, my mistake, was NOT Dante. After the dumas leaves with Chico stolen money, Luke stands up and sees Pop, whose dying request is for Luke to stop ducking around and be the hero he should be.

Cottonmouth, despite being the villain, is not amused by his goon’s initiative, and upon finding out Pop is dead, completely flips his shit and kills the idiot. Meanwhile, Misty gets drunk with her partner after clearing the crime scene, as she tries to figure out why Luke is alive, let alone uninjured.

The episode ends where it began, with the young punk holding up Luke. Luke dares him to shoot, then takes his gun and shots himself with it, scaring the kid off.

End of episode.

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