DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers & Review: Midnighter & Apollo #1 Raises Questions About DC Rebirth & Wildstorm Reborn

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We know that DC Comics is launching a separate Wildstorm imprint in February 2017 yet we have Wildstorm character as part of DC Comics Rebirth.

Case in point, traditionally Wildstorm characters Apollo and Midnighter are headlining their own mini-series in the DC Rebirth continuity.



DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers and Review for Midnighter and Apollo #1 follow.

An interesting twist with mysticism and magic going up against our lead heroic partners. Was nice to see Extrano debut as part of DC Comics Rebirth.


He was one of DC Comics first openly gay heroes back in the day as part the New Guardians.


He looks more contemporary in 2016.


Henry Bendix, the Weatherman form old Stormwatch and Authority lore as I recall, is also now trading in mysticism and magic by sharing a mystic gun with this cabal.


And, Midnighter scours the globe and eventually finds him.


However, Midnighter must choose between offing Bendix and saving his partner Apollo from…


…the clutches of…


…hell and…


…the devil?


Could this be Neron’s DC Comics Rebirth debut?



A lot of questions about Wildstorm Reborn vis a vis DC Comics Rebirth, but I imagine Apollo, Midnighter and Bendix are off the table for Warren Ellis. That leaves them as fertile ground in DC Rebirth. This was a compelling debut issue with magic likely being able to harm to Apollo ala Superman. So that cliffhanger works. Solid, but at times a bit inaccessible, story and great art. Looking forward to issue #2. 7 out of 10.

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