Post Civil War II & Marvel Now 2016 Spoilers & Review: Infamous Iron Man #1 & Doctor Doom Spoil Civil War II #6, #7 & 8? Riri Williams Plus Fantastic Four?



Post Civil War II and Marvel Now 2016 Spoilers and Review follow for Infamous Iron Man #1.

This book opens with the typical summary page that sets the stage for Infamous Iron Man #1. It hints at a tragic fate for Tony Stark and Iron Man in the post Civil War II #8 era; since that event mini-series has been delayed and extended to eight issues from the originally solicited seven.


Victor Von Doom meets Amara at Cambridge University. I’m not a Marvel historian, so I’m not clear on her significance. She clearly cares for Tony Stark as she asks whether his fate is what she thought it was; namely he seemingly dies at the end of Civil War II! This is a major spoiler since Civil War II has three issues go before its over!


Doom leaves her and then she is visited by a new Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D….


…Ben Grimm formerly the Thing of the MIA Fantastic Four.


With Iron Man, Tony Stark, MIA and possibly dead, Doctor Dooms seems a hole in Marvel Universe and he enters Stark’s Iron Man lair.


Victor Von Doom is met by Tony Stark Artificial Intelligence (AI) who asks him to leave to which Doom responds that he will replace Iron Man.


Then we see the new Infamous Iron Man Doom-style!


The book ends on… Victor Von Doom’s magician mom?


And, it may be out of sequence, but if you’re not familiar with Doom’s mother, below is an opening page from this very issue where the Hood of the Cabal pokes and prods Doctor Doom also of the Cabal. The statement is revealing about Mama Doom.


What follows for Civil War II?

Civil War II #6 on October 26, 2016.


Civil War II #7 on November 16, 2016.


Civil War II #8 on December 28, 2016.


In addition to Doctor Doom as the Infamous Iron Man, taking Tony Stark’s place in Marvel, we also have 15 year old African American girl Riri Williams as Ironheart in Invincible Iron Man…

Invincible Iron Man #1 Marvel Now 2016 Riri Williams is Ironheart Marvel Comics

…as part of Marvel Now 2016!


Btw, the above provocative variant cover by J. Scott Campbell was pulled by Midtown Comics due to the outcry over the sexualized portrayal of a 15 year old.

However, this variant cover was a take on of the first covers Marvel released for the new Invincible Iron Man series below.

Invincible Iron Man Riri Williams

There was no groundswell of SJW gangs on social media with any issues over the original crop top cover of Riri Williams. Why now and not then?

I do think the hypersexualization of our culture is a big issue, but in comics girls, boys, women and men are all portrayed as hard bodies. It has been this way since before 1938. And, 15 year old girls dress like we see them in both covers, sadly. That’s not comics fault, but parents’ faults.

Perhaps Victor Von Doom can mansplain all this away? Oy. (/rant)

BTW, it also likes Marvel is changing Riri Williams look and distancing itself from the original portrayal when she was announced to headline the new Invincible Iron Man Marvel Now 2016 series. This is is the new Riri Williams.


Is this a more realistic teenager or is this just another type of teenager look nowadays as teenagers aren’t uniform?

That said, with Infamous Iron Maan #2 out on November 16, 2016, it appears that Doctor Doom will face Riri Williams based on the variant cover by Larry Stroman and…


…Ben Grimm now of S.H.I.E.L.D. formerly over the Fantastic Four based on the main cover for Infamous Iron Man #2.


Anyhow, back to where we started this piece…


I am intrigued by Doctor Doom as Infamous Iron Man. This issue was a whole of set-up for this bizarre yet really compelling idea. Decent art that fits the darker tone of Doom. Plus, interesting that Ben Grimm of the Fantastic Four and now an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. will be the antagonist for Doctor Doom as protagonist; a nice and satisfying development. Overall, a competent debut issue. 7.5 out of 10.

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