DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers: Detective Comics #947 & Titans #6 w/ Batman, Red Robin (Tim Drake), Flash (Wally West) Teasing More The Watchmen!

DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers follow for Detective Comics #947 and Titans #6.

Detective Comics #947 DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers follow.

Tim Drake, Red Robin, was captured by Mr. Oz, who has also captured Doomsday, and is presumed dead.

He tried to escape this issue…

…to no avail.

Mr. Oz is speculated to be the Watchmen’s Ozymandias and will be a big part of the upcoming Superman Reborn event.

Will Tim Drake and Doomsday also be part of Superman Reborn as we march to a Watchmen pay-off of DC Universe Rebirth #1 in 2017?

Titans #6 DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers follow.

Abra Kadabra has been telling the Titans that he stole the lost years and corresponding legacy from the DC Rebirth timeline after Flashpoint. Ge is vanquished this issue, but not before teasing…


…as in Dr. Manhattan from the Watchmen.

Oh, and Deathstroke is in the future of the Titans too!

The slow build to the Watchmen vs. DC Rebirth’s heroes in 2017 continues!

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