Top Prospect For NFL’s #1 Overall Pick


The NFL Draft is an annual event that will have a major impact on the future of all teams in the league. As the 2016 NFL season comes to a close, it appears that the first pick in the draft will belong to the Cleveland Browns, who look like they may not win a game all season. If the Browns do not finish with the worst record, the pick will likely belong to the San Francisco 49ers, who have only won 1 game this year so far. Much of the Browns’ and 49ers’ recent issues are related to poor draft selections over the past five years. At this point, it remains to be seen who either team will take with the number one overall pick, but there are several prospects that are being closely considered.

Mitch Trubisky

One player that has been climbing ranking boards considerably over the past month is Mitch Trubisky, who is a junior quarterback that currently plays for the University of North Carolina. During his senior season, Trubisky proved that he should be considered a top pick in the draft. Trubisky had a very productive and efficient season in which he passed for nearly 3,400 yards, 28 touchdowns, and only four interceptions. Many teams like the fact that Trubisky is an efficient passer, with great accuracy, and has fared well against players that will be in the NFL next year.

Deshone Kizer

If the the top picking team does not select Trubisky, it is very likely that they will go after Deshone Kizer, who is another junior-year quarterback. Kizer was the starting quarterback for Notre Dame for the past two years. While the Fighting Irish had a disappointing season, he was a definite bright sport for the team. Kizer threw for nearly 3000 yards and over 25 touchdowns, against only 9 interceptions. Some teams have also shown that they are impressed by his ability to run and make plays outside of the pocket. This past season, Kizer ran for over 400 yards and 8 touchdowns.

Myles Garret

Throughout the season, many experts and NFL picks predicted that Myles Garret would be the number one overall pick. At this point, if the Cleveland Browns do not pick a quarterback, there is a good chance that they will choose Garret. Garrett is an incredibly athletic pass rush specialist that has been very difficult to block, even by the best teams in the SEC. Garrett was plagued by a couple different injuries this past season, but was a huge addition to the Texas A&M defense when he was able to play. He ended the season with 9 sacks, including 5 in a game against Texas-San Antonio.

Jonathan Allen

The fourth player that could be taken number one overall is Jonathan Allen. Allen has been a very dominant force for the Alabama Crimson Tide all season. As a defensive tackle, he was a primary reason that allowed Alabama to have the top defense in the country and finish with an undefeated regular season record. Allen will likely be a top pick in the draft and will be used as a run-stopping defensive tackle.

In conclusion, the 2017 NFL Draft will be a very important event for all teams in the league. While it remains to be seen who will end up holding the number one overall pick, there is a good chance it could belong to the Cleveland Browns of San Francisco 49ers. At this point it also is not clear who the top pick will be, but there are a few players that are considered the favorites.