Marvel Now 2017 & The Clone Conspiracy Spoilers: Marvel Spoils End Of Amazing Spider-Man’s Dead No More Event w/ New Spider Series

Marvel Now 2017 and Amazing Spider-Nan: The Clone Conspiracy: Dead No More Spoilers follow.

Marvel has announced that writer Peter David and artist Mark Bagley will be working on a new Scarlet Spider series spinning out of the Clone Conspiracy.

During the event the main antagonist for the Amazing Spider-Man is the new Jackal who is actually Ben Reilly a clone of Peter Parker.

Well, it appears Ben Reilly will be redeemed during this event as the new ongoing spider-series by David and Bagley is called Ben Reilly: The Scarlet Spider.

So, there you have it, one of the key parts of the ending of Dead No More: The Clone Conspiracy has been spoiled.

Here is the art released so far via CBR.

The costume has elicited “healthy” dialogue online.

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