DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers: Superman #16 With 23 Supermen So Far, But Can You Name 2 More? Multiversity Sequel & Multiplicity Finale Fates Via Preview!

DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers follow for Superman #16.

With the first two parts of this Multiversity Sequel called Multiplicity in Superman #14 and Superman #15, the list of multiversal Supermen that new villain Propehcy is after rises to 22 Supermen!

Excluding the pre-Flashpoint “Anomaly” Superman, that is now DC Rebirth’s core Superman, the 22 Supermen cover the following Earths as revealed via the above links which have the respective Multiversity Guidebook multiverse Earth entries if you’re interested.

Bold and italicized references below are from Superman #15 and regular font are from Superman #14.

      Earth 0 – Prime Earth’s New Superman
      Earth 1 – Superman
      Earth 2 – Superman (Val-Zod?)
      Earth 10 – Freedom Fighters Earth’s Nazi Superman
      Earth 11 – Superwoman
      Earth 12 – Superman Beyond
      Earth 13 – Etrigan Superman
      Earth 14 – Justice League of Assassins’ Superman
      Earth 16 – Earth Me Superman
      Earth 18 – Justice Riders’ Black Bison Superman

      Earth 22 – Kingdom Come Superman
      Earth 23 – President Superman
      Earth 26 – Captain Carrot
      Earth 29 – Bizarro Superman
      Earth 30 – Red Superman
      Earth 31 – Pirate Superman
      Earth 32 – Justice Titans Superman
      Earth 38 – Generations Superman
      Earth 43 – Holy Terror Vampire Superman
      Earth 45 – Doomsday-Superman amalgam
      Earth 47 – The Prez’s Sunshine Superman
      Earth 50 – Justice Lord Superman

From the cover of Superman #16, beyond two Supermen that are unrecognizable (can you name them?), the rest we’ve seen as per the above, except for the Superman at the bottom right of the cover. See annotated cover to Superman #16 below.

That net new Superman from the bottom right of the Superman #16 is from:

      Earth 6 – The Just Imagine by Stan Lee Earth’s Superman.

Here are more reveals from Superman #16 via CB.

So, do these teaser and preview pages intrigue you enough to pick up the Multiplicity finale in Superman #16?

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