WWE Monday Night Raw 1/30/17 – Braun vs. Owens for the Universal Title

JeriKO come out with their titles and of course THE LIST. Jericho’s FRIENDSHIP kept Owens going through the title match. ALL HAIL THE POWER OF FRIENDSHIP. Kevin brags about himself, but also brags about Jericho making Rumble history – AND HE WOULD’VE WON IF IT WASN’T FOR THE SHARK CAGE. Braun cares not for Jericho and comes down. Braun demands a title shot tonight or he’ll kick his ass. Braun is a far better babyface than Roman. Mick and his absolutely ridiculous black and green flannel jacket AND PANTS make the match.

Sami vs. Jericho is up next and it’s not much of a match. Jericho is taped up and tweaked his ankle last night too. Sami hits the Helluva kick and wins – so he’ll probably face Jericho at Fastlane, where Jericho will retain with KO’s help. Bayley meets with Cesaro and Sheamus about their match tonight, and wants a group hug. The Club and Charlotte interrupt this goofy crap. The history of HHH vs. Seth is recapped.

Owens and Zayn each have Quebec armbands on tonight. Kevin meets with Steph, who cuts him off and makes sure to blame Mick for the match. Nese faces Ali, who eats some sick crossfaces. Not much to the match itself. Ali gets dropped on his head and then the corner knee strike gets the win. Nese does an interview with Aries…well, Aries does it all himself really.

Stephanie chats with Seth next. Steph’s outfit is quite cleavage-heavy and she tells him that HHH is coming to the arena tonight and will kick Seth’s ass. Bayley, Sheamus, and Cesaro come out to face The Club and Charlotte. Not really much to the match itself outside of Anderson taking a nice lariat outside. Bayley wins with the Belly to Bayley, so she’ll get a rematch at Fastlane most likely. Steph blames Mick for HHH’s theme playing last week and Mick says that he isn’t stupid. Gallagher’s elimination is highlighted in the Rumble highlight video.

Neville comes out and cuts a promo on Swann, who comes down and kicks Neville’s ass. Sasha is taped up backstage and is a complete bitch to Bayley in the trainer’s room. KO and Jericho say they have each other’s backs tonight. Jericho eats a chokeslam through the announce table by Braun – terrifying KO. Braun dominates, but Roman comes down to cost Braun the match just like Braun did to him last night. Roman lays out everyone and KO clutches the belt. Wow is he being booked horribly.

Brock comes down and Heyman compares Brock’s ending of the streak to Rousey and the Holm fight. Heyman uses that all to hype up Goldberg as an unstoppable force, AND BROCK WILL DESTROY HIM FOR HURTING HIS LEGACY. Nia squashes Sasha and ends the match by doing a camel clutch/STF combo. Bayley comes down for the save. Rusev and Jinder face Enzo and Cass in a tornado match. A ton of things happen in rapid succession and Enzo shockingly pins Rusev with a rocket launcher. HHH gets out of his limo in a slick dark grey suit. They hyped up a WWE 24 doc on last year’s WrestleMania.

HHH cuts an intense promo on how Seth is an unappreciative little punk. HHH says that Seth had the gall to interrupt him where he creates and he’s trying to create the next Seth Rollins. But he’s done trying. He takes off his jacket and makes a badass boast to Seth. HHH is the heel here, folks. Samoa Joe makes his main roster debut and kicks Seth. Cole calls him “HHH’s heavy” – so that’s now a thing. Joe demolishes Seth with kicks, strikes, a pair of sentons and is called “the man who embodies what NXT is all about”. 40 year olds being wasted on shows with 300 fans? Joe chokes out Seth to close the show. Well, Seth lost even more steam here – but he was doomed to fail against HHH anyway.

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