Marvel Now 2017 & The Clone Conspiracy Spoilers: Amazing Spider-Man #24 With Ben Reilly & Doctor Octopus As Norman Osborn Identity & Green Goblin Loom!

Marvel Now 2017 and The Clone Conspiracy Spoilers follow for Amazing Spider-Man #24.

At the end of Amazing Spider-Man, Dead No More, The Clone Conspiracy, you may have wondered what happened to Ben Reilly, who was the Anubis-inspired new Jackal, Miles Warren, who was the original Jackal, and Doctor Octopus.

Well Amazing Spider-Man #24 answers those questions on the way to this series’ milestone 25th issue.

Ben Reilly and Doc Ock are doing battle as the clones around them dissolve including the several Miles Warren clones.

The real Miles Warren now knows he’s the real deal and no longer has to take the medication thinking he was a clone. And it looks like wants to reclaim the mantle of the Jackal!

It appears that Doctor Octopus perfected the proto-clone; a clone that won’t dissolve like the others.

Ben Reilly tries to seize control of it so he can inhabit it, but Doctor Octopus anticipated that and subdues Ben Reilly and steals the proto-clone presumably for himself.

That leaves Ben Reilly dissolving needing to take the pharma to keep him alive.

Ben Reilly looks pretty maniacal and gives Doc Ock props for the plan; one that will leave the Amazing Spider-Man thinking he’s dead.

Reilly heads to his safe house to get some money, a change of clones, ad new ID, but is met by Miles Warren as the Jackal. They battle and Ben Reilly realizes its him that Warren is obsessed with and not the original Peter Parker.

Ben Reilly literally brings the house down on the Jackal…

…although whether Miles Warren is dead or not is an open-ended questioned. Burned or maimed perhaps?

That leaves Ben Reilly looking for his place in the Marvel Now 2017 initiate although…

…we know he will be headlining a new Ben Reilly: Scarlet Spider Marvel Now 2017 series.

Amazing Spider-Man #24 ends with a teaser for The Clone Conspiracy Omega #1 one-shot, with the Rhino, and not Amazing Spider-Man #25.

However, we do know what Amazing Spider-Man #25 kicks off now that the Clone Conspiracy is pretty much over.

The Osborn Legacy as Norman Osborn and/or the Green Goblin is/are back!

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