DC Comics Rebirth & Superman Reborn Spoilers: Who Is The Clark Kent Double & Who Escaped The Watchmen’s Mr. Oz?

DC Comics Rebirth and Superman Reborn Spoilers follow.

From the end of Action Comics #974 heading into Superman #18 and the launch of Superman Reborn, we know that the Clark Kent doppelgänger having seen Lois Lane with her husband Clark Kent and son Jon, snapped and remembers everything…

…including who he really is.

So, who is the all-powerful Clark Kent doppelgänger?

Superman Prime.

Many are speculating its Superman Prime grown from Superboy Prime. The angry nature of Clark Kent doppelgänger at the end of Action Comics #974 may support that theory.

Kon-el / Superboy grown into a Superman.

DC Comics so damaged Kon-el in the New 52 that he may very likely be crazy now and needs a shot at redemption and finding his place in DC Rebirth. Superman’s son Jon is the new Superboy so an older Kon-el may have a role to play.

Plus he has tactile telekinesis which could explain how the Clark Kent doppelgänger made a car work without a driver being in it in Action Comics #974.

Kon-el is my bet on who the Clark Kent doppelgänger is.

New 52 Superman.

Many are speculating that the Clark Kent doppelgänger is the New 52 Superman. He seemed to have been devolved to dust at the end of the New 52.

I don’t suspect its him.


Superman Reborn could feature the DC Rebirth debut of Matrix. She/it was created from proto-matter and can change its identity and appearance on a whim.

In fact, Matrix at one time believed itself to be a dark Superman.

The Matrix’s pre-Flashpoint origins involved the Time Trapper, creation of a pocket universe, time manipulation, etc. That would make a new Matrix a perfect bridge from Superman Reborn to DC Comics’ plans stemming from DC Universe Rebirth #1 involving the Watchmen’s Dr. Manhattan stealing time to ensure that the world formed after Flashpoint was the New 52 and not the post-Crisis of Infinite Earths continuity.

As much as I think Kon-el is a more viable option, this is my dark hose pick – and one I hope DC is doing – as to the Clark Kent doppelgänger identity.

Something or someone new.

This would take some stones for DC Comics to do, but it’s possible.

Who escaped from Mr. Oz?

Superman #18 will show someone escaping from the confines of Mr. Oz who many believe is actually Ozymandias from the Watchmen.

Who escaped? It is not Tim Drake / Red Robin, Doomsday or new villain Prophecy as they are still jailed as per the above.

It is someone either quite large, as in taller than the normal human, or someone who can fly or levitate considering that whole prison is cell is drawn all over.

I’m not sure who it is, but I am intrigued.

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