Impact Wrestling 3/2/17 Recap – Lashley vs. Barnett for the World Title, Hardys Vie for MCW Gold

Josh hypes up THE UNSTOPPABLE JUGGERNAUT OF FORCE Lashley as he walks to the building. Jade comes out to face Rosemary in a last knockouts standing match. Jade hits a German and gets a four count. Another one gets 6. Pope mocks Josh for saying he’s the best ever. Jade’s suicide dive is met with a forearm smash. Van Terminator with a can hits. That went from being an uber-finisher to a transitional move in the opener. Yowza. THE LIGHTNING ROD OF ENERGY EARL HEBNER gets a 7 count according to Josh. Jade can shots her, but the mist and F5 hit and Jade is up at 9. They fight on the floor and an F5 on the floor hits and gets 9.5. Rosemary darts at her and just gets sidestepped and posts herself. Okay, that was funny. Jade spits water at Rosemary and blinds her, leading to a powerbomb on the steps. Rosemary mists her on the ramp and wins with a third F5.

Moose talks smack to Cody and we see a hype video for the Hardys. Matt chats for a bit and we get a recap of Moose and Cody. Moose and Cody brawl before they get separated and brawl again. Brandi gets Cody to stop for a bit before Moose dives on the pile. Recap of Jessie’s issues with the DCC before Jessie faces Storm. Kingston distracts the ref while Bram chairshots Jessie during the Adonis crab and the last call ends it. Everett comes out to face Trevor Lee for the X Division title. This is a bit like CWF Mid-Atlantic, only they won’t be given time, aren’t made to feel important, and no one in the crowd cares about their feud.

Pope says that next week, the new owners will be IN THE BUILDING TO MAKE CHANGES. Lee stomps away at Everett while Pope tells Josh that he’d better have a paddle and rowboat because he’ll be up shit’s creek. Josh tells Pope to shut up and pay attention to the action. Oh the irony. Everett boots him and then springboard dropkicks him while Josh goes from face to heel and buries Everett for leaving the Dynasty. Spike rana hits Lee, but Helms distracts the ref. SSP meets the knees of Lee and a cradle with the tights allows Lee to retain.

We get an Expedition of Gold recap and they go to MCW to get the titles. We see the MCW arena and crowd – which are each larger than anything we’ve seen on Impact in at least two years. Jeff and the Appalachian Outlaws brawl in a flea market while Matt fights the champs in a handicap match. Benjamin and Jeff chase them with fireworks. The faces win that war and Jeff runs in, swantons, and the Hardys win more gold. So the Hardys leave TNA holding not only TNA’s titles high, but MCW’s.

Drew and Moose chat for a bit. Recap of the wedding from last week. McKenzee Mitchell talks about posting a video next week on Youtube before LVN is shown hitting the bottle again. Well, if you’re making a TNA salary, you’d better enjoy as much free liquor as you can. Moose comes out to face Drew for the Grand Title. Drew starts with a bit and Moose and Drew brawl for a bit. Moose hits a pump kick for round two and Moose hits a super sky high for 2. Josh talks about how much of a better job he’d do as a referee than the actual referee. Great, so now Josh’s on-air character as is big an asshole as his Twitter one. Galloway hits a death valley driver on the apron – which is still the hardest part of the ring.

Why take that bump in TNA. Moose powerbombs him on the apron. WHY TAKE THAT BUMP IN TNA!? Moose and Drew kick each other down while Josh points out that you just can’t trust the judges. SO WHY HAVE THEM!? They brawl to close things out and we get a Frye-Takayama exchange. Moose does wacky movements that Josh rightfully buries him for being needless. Claymore hits for 2, but the Game Changer hits and time expires. Moose wins the title and Josh says he’s built up credibility and he’s better than others and then he says that Moose didn’t really win the title.

Josh talks about being in Lashley’s corner before and he’s disappointed in him. A recap of Jade vs. Rosemary kills some time. Barnett comes out while Mathews hypes up his career in “PRIDE and pancreas”. Or Pancrase as it is often known – maybe he was giving it a new Fire Pro Wrestling-style name. They wrestle a bit on the mat before Lashley hits a full nelson slam for 2. Mathews says that they’re wrestling how he would wrestle when he got inside the ring – well, they’re getting no reaction – so I guess he’s not wrong. Lashley locks on an armbar, but Barnett gets up and kicks the leg. Spear hits and Lashley gets the win. Well, that was a short and fairly nothing match.

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