DC Comics Rebirth & Superman Reborn Part 2 Spoilers: Action Comics #975 Milestone Has 2 Stories: 1 Exposes Clark Kent Doppelgänger & 1 Focuses On Jon Kent Superboy? Preview!

DC Comics Rebirth and Superman Reborn Part 2 Spoilers for Action Comics #975 follow.

This will be milestone issue with two stories. The main story will reveal who the Clark Kent doppelgänger is among the 6 options DC Comics has given us.

The back-up story will focus on Superboy, Jon Kent, who did have a great day in part 1 of Superman Reborn last week.

Here’s what we know about Action Comics #975 via CV.

Who do you think the Clark Kent doppelgänger is?

So, do these teaser and preview pages intrigue you enough to pick up the issue?

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