Marvel Now 2017 Spoilers: Unworthy Thor #5 Reveals Why Odinson Is Unworthy, What Nick Fury Said & Thanos In Love?

Marvel Now 2017 Spoilers follow for Unworthy Thor #5.

The book opens with the usual Marvel catch-up narrative.

The Odinson knows and reveals that his hammer is not Mjölnir; it is actually the Ultimate Universe Thor’s hammer.

Thanos, who wants the hammer, has longed for lady Death since his inception. He falls of Norse goddess of death, Hela.

During Original Sin Nick Fury Sr. whispered something to the Odinson to make him Unworthy and unable to lift Mjölnir. We learn the words were “Gorr was right“.

All gods are unworthy of worship; Nick Fury Sr. shook the Odinson’s confidence hence making him Unworthy.

This reveal seems a bit underwhelming; I wonder how many times Marvel changed the meaning of the whisper from Original Sin? The obscured whisper words in Original Sin look different than “Gorr was right“.

Unworthy Thor #5, the end of this mini-series, has Beta Ray Bill celebrating their seeming victory over Thanos while…

…a new Thor is teased. The War Thor?

Is this the same as the Ultimate Thor set to appear in June 2017’s Mighty Thor #20?

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