DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers: Batgirl Annual #1 Has Supergirl Jailbreak From Cadmus Not Arkham Asylum Towards Legion Of Super-Heroes Rebirth?

DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers for Batgirl Annual #1 follows.

DC Comics solicit for Batgirl Annual #1 read like this and still does on their website (emphasis added):

      Batgirl and Supergirl must team up to break into Arkham Asylum! In this all-new Rebirth annual Batgirl must seek Supergirl’s help to solve a mystery that leads them to the heart of the most insane insane asylum there is! But what they discover—and who they discover—in Arkham will lead to a much, much bigger story!

In fact it isn’t Arkham Asylum, but a Cadmus Dark Site that have to break into.

That is significant since future issues of Supergirl starting with issue #9 included Legion of Super-Heroes villain Emerald Empress who is looking for Saturn Girl who is in… Arkham Asylum.

Yes, Batgirl Annual #1 paves the way to Supergirl #9, but not in the way the teaser solicit had directly mentioned and thereby implied who they were going to free; that’s not the case.

The Gayle who telephatically communicated with Supergirl in Kryptonian is not Saturn Girl, but Gayle…

…who needs to get the Phantom Zone and needs Supergirl’s help to get there.

So Gayle uses Supergirl’s power somehow to…

…get to the Phantom Zone.

Why does Gayle want to go to the Phantom Zone? We don’t know, but that mystery unfolds next in…

…Supergirl #9.

However, Supergirl #8 will feature the Emerald Empress looking for the Legion of Super-Heroes’ Saturn Girl who she thinks can help get get home to the LOSH’s 31st Century.

I’m no longer confident we’ll see Saturn Girl in Supergirl #8 or the upcoming Supergirl arc from issue #9 which includes a character called the Phantom King that resembles LOSH villain Time Trapper in June 2017’s Supergirl #10.

Interesting times.

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