DC Comics Rebirth & Dark Nights Metal Spoilers: 5 New DARK MATTER Series w/ Top Creators (Jim Lee, Greg Capullo, John Romita Jr., Andy Kubert & More)

DC Comics Rebirth & Dark Nights Metal Aftermath Spoilers follow!


More images and solicitations for Dark Matter here.


EW has the scoop about the DC Comics Rebirth plans for Dark Nights: Metal Aftermath. Six new series to launch pairing top artists with fan fave writers to bring under the Dark Matter banner!

The six new “Dark Matter” series are below along with their creative teams.

      Sideways by writers Dan Didio and Justin Jordan with artist Kenneth Rocafort (September)
      The Silencer by writer Dan Abnett with artist John Romita Jr. (September)
      Damage by writer Robert Venditti with artist Tony S. Daniel. (October)
      Immortal Men by writer James Tynion IV with artist Jim Lee. (October)
      New Challengers by writer Scott Snyder with artist Andy Kubert (December)

Top artists #movingtheneedle as it were. 😉

If you are wondering what “Nulla dies sine linea” means, apparanetly it is Latin that translates roughly to “Not a day without a line!”

Here are some of the artists on the books speaking about the initiative.

Plus some more details about the books below.

      Dark Nights: Metal will be the launching pad for the rest of the Dark Matter line, with characters and storylines from other books being introduced here first.

      For instance, a teleporting teenager changed by the events of that book will go on to star in Sideways, which debuts in September. That book will be co-written by DC Publisher Dan DiDio and Justin Jordan and illustrated by Kenneth Rocafort.

      September will also see the launch of The Silencer. Written by Dan Abnett and drawn by John Romita Jr., that book will focus on Honor Guest, the former world’s deadliest assassin now trying for a quiet life in the suburbs until (surprise!) her former life comes back to haunt her, and she must become The Silencer to protect her family.

      In October, Detective Comics writer James Tynion IV teams up with Lee himself for Immortal Men, a story about five immortal siblings who “operate from the shadows, recruiting the elite against the foes who seek to bring about Armageddon.”

      October will also see Damage, written by Robert Venditti with art by Tony S. Daniel, in which army recruit Ethan Avery is granted the power “to unleash an unstoppable monster for one hour at a time.”

      The final book in the line, New Challengers, debuts in December and will be written by Snyder with art by Andy Kubert. As the title suggests, it is a reboot of Challengers of the Unknown, but with “a new cast” and “new mission.”

Stay tuned for more news!

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