10 Thoughts on NXT – Tye Dillinger, Eric Young, Steel Cage!

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1. It’s NXT time and our main event tonight is a grudge match between Tye Dillinger and Eric Young in a steel cage, but we kick off with Glorious NXT Champion Bobby Roode in a sharp suit.

2. Roode talks about how he made Wrestlemania week glorious, which is more than Goldberg can say. Roode runs down the crowd for cheering Nakamura’s farewell speech last week, and he is eventually interrupted by Hideo Itami. Itami slaps Roode, who then spends five minutes taking off his jacket and making threats, then Itami immediately hits the GTS and knocks Roode out cold.

3. Interview with U.K. Champ Tyler Bate and 205 Live Gentlemen Jack Gallagher, who will be competing next week on NXT for the title.

4. Our first match of the night is Andrade Cien Almas taking on England’s own Danny Burch. While Burch gets in some token offense at the start, this is basically a rebuilding match for Almas after his recent string of defeats. Hammerlock DDT gets the win for Cien.

5. After a sweet Asuka video package it’s time for a women’s tag match as Liv Morgan and Aliyah take on the Aussie Mean Girls. Royce and Kay have grown into an accomplished heel team, while Aliyah and Morgan play the plucky faces well. Aliyah gets the surprise win and the Mean Girls have a tantrum in the ring afterwards.

6. The Full Sail crowd are on their feet as Tye Dillinger makes his final appearance in NXT as he makes the transition to Smackdown.

7. Eric Young is accompanied to the ring by Sanity, but doesn’t hesitate to get into the cage and start throwing down with Dillinger. Hard shots and finisher attempts early from both men, followed by an evenly fought contest with both men working hard.

8. After a while this becomes the standard cage match story with Dillinger giving up chances to escape to beat on EY some more. Of course, Young does the same thing later, hitting an elbow drop from the top of the cage.

9. Shenanigans on the outside as Sanity lock the cage and are attacked by Cassius Ohno and Roddy Strong. In the chaos Sanity end up in the ring and Dillinger makes his escape for the win.

10. Overall a fun episode of NXT, if a little short on matches and long on video packages. Great farewell match for Tye Dillinger shows that Smackdown has picked up a top-tier talent – let’s hope they know what to do with him.

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