Fixing the system Bookers Vs. Writers (WWE, Monday Night Raw, Smackdown Live!, Vince McMahon)

Fixing the system

Bookers vs. Writers


By all accounts, Raw, Smackdown, and even Pay-Per-View viewership is down across the board. Also, by all accounts, the WWE could care less. Their business is not predicated on ratings anymore, especially for PPV’s. The business is now predicated on WWE network subscriptions.

Now, I love the network probably more than most, that I admit. But they completely ruined a tried and true way of making money, the monthly PPV. At 60 bucks a pop, they could be raking in the dough.

But I digress. That is not what this article is about. Nor is it about what to do with the most talent-laden roster in the history of the business. I would like to express my humble opinion, and get yours, on how to completely revamp the system, something that I believe really needs to be done, namely putting wrestling people in powerful positions on a wrestling show.

By “fixing the system,” I am strictly referring to Vince’s army of writers and yes men. He has surrounded himself with people that are not only yes men, but “television” producers and writers. But, I am OLD SCHOOL, and the sign on the marquee says WRESTLING dammit!

We’re going to assume that I have been given complete autonomy over who stays and who goes. Since I don’t know the writers personally, and can only go on rumors, we’re also going to lump them all together.

Every writer that has no wrestling experience is gone. The business survived a hundred years without them, and even with the changing times, they are unnecessary.

Kevin Dunn and his “producers” go back the truck. He thinks he is producing a Hollywood movie instead of a wrestling program, but he really is good at producing the show and vignettes. He goes back to his roots, no matter how much Vince loves him. (Allegedly.)

Vince, Trips, and unfortunately, Stephanie, must stay. We have no choice in the matter, they are who they are, and this is their company.

Now, who do we replace them with, and how do we structure things? I suggest a three-tiered system. We have a head booker, 2 bookers each on Raw and Smackdown, and then the Holy Trinity. (And yes, I am using heavy sarcasm there.)

For Raw, I suggest a team of Jim Ross and Jim Cornette. Again, I am old school, and who can you think of more old school than these 2? Cornette has the perfect WRESTLING mentality, and he has proven to be a fantastic judge and creator of talent. He is directly responsible for Batista, Randy Orton, and John Cena to name just a few. He has not proven himself a top shelf booker though, and that’s where Ross comes in. He could taper Cornette’s craziness, and you just have to look at his booking runs in NWA/WCW to know his credentials. (Starrcade ’89 is the glaring mistake, but he does have an excellent track record.)

On the Smackdown side of things, I like Michael Hayes, so we’re keeping him. The other suggestion I have is contingent on several things. First off, I’m suggesting Ric Flair. I realize he has his problems, but put him in a wrestling atmosphere, and his demons tend to disappear. His wrestling background is unmatched, and he too has fantastic credentials on his booking resume.

Our lead booker is where I’m going to catch flak. This man has had significantly more than his share of problems with drugs, alcohol, and the ever present “demons.” With all that said, this man has what even Vince McMahon himself has said the greatest mind for the business he has ever seen. That’s high praise. By now you’ve probably guessed I’m speaking of Jake Roberts. Hear me out.

This man has done something that most men that face addiction and the problems he has faced simply can never achieve in turning his life around. Just watch “The Resurrection of Jake the Snake” to see what he’s gone through. He is due to receive a chance to work in the business he loves, and offers so much. He can help with getting rid of those scripted promos, and teaching the talent how to properly cut a promo. He also has a wealth of knowledge that is completely untapped, since he’s never had his opportunity to unleash it. He will have bumps in the road, but I believe the payoff will be well worth it.

Tying everything up, they all answer to the Holy Trinity. This is their company, and they must have final say.

So let me know what YOU think? Am I right or wrong? Are you old school, new school, or a blend of both? What would YOU do to fix the system?

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