Inside Pulse Scorecard for WWE Smackdown Live! 05.09.2017

WWE had a tape-delayed Smackdown from the UK this week – how did the show rate?


What a blah show. Mahal is just killing this program with his boringness, and just kills every segment he’s in. On the bright side, the women at least have a clear direction.
Rating: 5.5


I know I shouldn’t be surprised anymore with what the WWE does to wrestlers the fans like, but it is still irksome. The current irk – Same Zayn is now less the plucky underdog and more the annoying dude whom won’t shut up. Irk I say. Irk. Oh, the show was okay; nothing special. Just let Nakamura kick Ziggler’s face in already. And the women’s division has de-evolved in gang wars again. Again though, the show was okay.
Rating: 6.0


Solid show pushing the matches for Backlash, but I’m still not sure I agree with this Charlotte turn.
Rating: 6.5

Total Ratings: 18
Total Reviewers: 3

Inside Pulse Scorecard for WWE Smackdown Live!: 6.0

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