What To Look Forward To – 5/24 – Featuring The Dying & The Dead, I Am Groot #1, James Bond: Service, New TPBs & HCs Plus Much More!

Welcome to What To Look Forward To!

Here is a quick look at some highlights on the shelves this week. A few new series coming out, as well as a healthy stack of new TPBs and HCs to check out. And so, without further ado, let’s dive in…

New This Week:

The Dying & The Dead #4 – It’s finally here! Just shy of two years later, another one of Jonathan Hickman’s great and most mysterious series continues. Though it is only a limited series of 10 now, Hickman and artist Ryan Bodenheim are bound to make this a memorable story. If you missed the first three issues, there is a special TPB out as well containing just those. Do not miss it!

I Am Groot #1 – New adventures of tiny Groot!

The Archies – Archie is pursuing his dream of becoming a rock star, but he soon learns what the cost of some dreams can be. This new stand-alone one-shot is perfect for new readers!

Saucer State #1 – The long awaited sequel and conclusion to 2012’s Saucer Country!

James Bond: Service – Another stand-alone one-shot perfect for new readers. If you enjoy this, I highly recommend Dynamite’s other recent Bond titles.

Other issues to look forward to:

Detective Comics #957

Injustice: Ground Zero #12 – Mini-series conclusion, on to Injustice 2!

The Normals #1 – A new series from Aftershock Comics!

Samaritan #1

Star-Lord Annual #1

Venom #150 – That’s right, Venom’s 150th issue!

Collected Editions and OGNs:

DC Universe by Mike Mignola HC – There are some great early Mignola works here, this should be an interesting collection.

The Dying And The Dead Special Edition TPB – Collecting issues 1-3 of the newly-continued series.

Josie and The Pussycats Vol. 01 TPB

Mayday TPB – A great Cold War-era spy thriller! Read my interview with creators Alex de Campi and Tony Parker here!

Violent Love Vol. 01 TPB

Unworthy Thor TPB

Start Here!

This section is for readers new to comics, readers looking for new titles, as well as readers on a budget, highlighting several great “jump-on” points each week under (or about) $20.

The Dying And The Dead Special Edition TPB – $9.99 – I would also recommend buying issue #4 this week, but if you want to test the waters first and wait for the next collected edition that is understandable.

James Bond: Service – $7.99 – An over-sized, special stand-alone one-shot from Kieron Gillen and Antonio Fuso!

I Am Groot #1 – $3.99 – Who doesn’t like baby Groot?

TOTAL = $21.97

On the higher side of the budget for the week, but compared to what you are getting? This is a steal. Also, you should buy Mayday, it is very very good.


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That’s it for now, happy reading everyone! See you next week.