DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers & Review: Action Comics #984 With Superman Rival General Zod’s Real Mission & A Secret Of Mr. Oz Revealed?

DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers and Review for Action Comics #984 with Superman follows.

The two covers to the issue were both solid especially the variant cover with Superman vs. General Zod by Mikel Janin above. The Patrick Zircher regular cover with Superman Family vs. Revenge Squad was dynamic though.

Action Comics #984 opens with Eradictor and Cyborg Superman, the latter grudgingly, in the Phantom Zone on a mission for Zod. Interestingly the Eradcicator is on in mental contact with Blanque who is outside of the Zone with Zod.

The Superman Family, also in the Phantom Zone due to Zod, attach the Eradicator and Cyborg Superman, as Metallo rebels against General Zod. Metallo is allied with the Cyborg Superman who upgraded him and sees him, not Zod, as the leader of their Revenge Squad. General Zod will have none of that and swats him away.

Now Mongul also gets impatient with Zod over his unfulfilled promises so Zod punches him into Earth’s atmosphere.

The Revenge Squad as imploded! However, is this all accordingly to General Zod’s plan? He doesn’t need all of them any longer?

Zod turns to Supergirl, who wasn’t banished into the Phantom Zone with the rest of the Superman Family, but she is saved by a Kryptonian Battle Suit piloted by Superboy! Interestingly, he is guided by a mysterious voice?

Back in the Phantom Zone, Zod’s mission is revealed. He had his team after his wife Ursa and son Lor-Zod! They come to the aid of the Eradictor and Cyborg Superman in their battle with the Superman Family.

Back in the Fortress of Solitude, Zod rips open the Kryptonian Battle Suit to reveal Superboy. Lois Lane sends Krypto into the mix to save her son.

At that moment, Blanque seemingly has brought Ursa, hers and Zod’s son Lor-Zod, out of the Phantom Zone with Superman in battle and Eradicator and both out of the Zone now too.

As Ursa convinces Zod to fight another day, as he is wounded, and she wants him to meet is son in private, Superman gets the Superman Family out of the Phantom Zone.

However, he leaves Cyborg Superman in the Phantom Zone as we also learn who that voice was that helped Superboy with the Kryptonian Battle Suit…

…Mr. Oz! He somehow knows how to use a Kryptonian technology and read Kryptonian? Could the rumor that Mr. Oz is not Ozymandias of the Watchmen, but a dead Kryptonian returned to life be true? Stay tuned.

Plus we get a look at the House of Zod who is the foil for Superman’s House of El with Lois Lane and Superboy.


A solid action packed issue written by Dan Jurgens with art by Patrick Zircher. Lots of developments and setting up for the future too. 8 out of 10.

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