GFW Impact Wrestling 7/27/17 Recap – Alberto Runs the Gauntlet

Grado and Joseph Park arrive in the wacky Bug to discuss proposal plans. We see Alberto and his family eating a beating last week, but then joining LAX before attacking them. Eli and Chris Adonis team up with EC3 against Eddie Edwards, Marafuji, and Moose. Eddie and Marafuji chop away at EC3 before chopping away at Adonis too. Moose comes in and dashes away in the corner at EC3 and he wants the hesitation dropkick, but Eli and Adonis break that up. EC3 kicks him low and hits a clunky Angel’s Wings to win it.

Richard Justice meets with McKenzie and talks to her about being a time filler and that being incredibly important. oVe is hyped up and Alberto battles LAX later tonight, while Rosemary and Sienna have a last knockout standing match, but most importantly, the baddest fighter on the planet in Lashley is ready to call out a 60 year old podcaster! Lashley bitches and moans before Bruce talks about how he’s tired of everyone coming down and demanding things. Then Matt Sydal comes down and gets in Lashley’s face. Lashley promptly shoves him down, but eats a knee and an SSP. Well how about that, in the 15 year history of the company, Sydal may be the first X division guy to actually get the better of a bullying heavyweight.

Davey does a promo talking about how he’s been wrestling for 23 years, and this is the final first round match in the X Cup and he’ll face Taiji Ishimori, who holds the GHC Jr. title. Richards dominates with stiff forearm strikes and kicks before landing a KENTA combo and a kneeling kick. Ishimori recovers and lands a pair of shotgun knees before a double stomp gets 2. Ishimori gets a corner knee and goes for a springboard kick, but Davey ankle locks him and kicks him to death for 2. Davey takes too long for a double stomp and Ishimori hits a tombstone codebreaker and a shining wizard for 2. A uranage hits and a 450 lands and ends it. Good stuff – not amazing, but a solid way for Davey to go out.

Rosemary comes out with a new hood and cape to face Sienna. We get some physical brawling to start, but no counts. Rosemary sets up a table, but Sienna pulls Rosemary’s hoodie over her and hockey punches her. Sienna sets up a table on the floor and Rosemary gets up for a count. We get a chair duel and they both lose that before a walk and brawl in the crowd. A reverse tarantula is used on the railing, which is at least unique. They brawl back to the ring and Sienna hits an AK47 off the apron to the floor. Rosemary gets up, so Sienna sets up a pounce, but Rosemary hits her with a chair to end that. Red Wedding on a chair from Rosemary, but KM saves her. Why even bother having counts here? They aren’t actually playing them up, and if someone can just lift someone up, what’s it matter?

Rosemary grabs a trash can and JB says that she should just use that on KM to take him out. Well, that’s logical. Instead, she sets up a Van Terminator before misting KM, but getting tossed off the top and going through the table on the floor. Sienna wins it on the one count the commentators shut up for so you can actually hear it. Park and Grado engage in wacky comedy where Park says he got the suit from the Newlywed Game and everyone in the back gets lucky with it on Grindr.

EC3 says the Angel’s Wings is now the ECD – the Ethan Carter Driver. He will battle Moose next week for the title. Alberto is with his family and says they’re all crazy and he’ll destroy LAX to get to Konnan. Trevor Lee comes out to bring out Octagoncito, after hyping him up like he’s Rey. Octagoncito does some flips and Lee leaves. Sonjay comes down and Bruce comes down to toss him out. Konnan talks with LAX about giving Alberto ample notice and he’ll put Alberto in against Homicide first tonight.

Park and Grado come out, with Grado in quite the orange suit. LVN comes down with Sienna pleading with her to not come down. He gets down on one knee and somehow doesn’t break the pants before popping the question and Allie comes down to chant yes. However, Kongo Kong isn’t a fan of this and Kong wants his blonde. Okay, that’s a nice touch. Alberto comes down and squashes Homicide, who must really be banged up if he can’t even do more than a squash. Ortiz eats a double stomp to take him out. Well, this is a group of jobbers. Santana comes in and takes him out with a big kick, but Alberto locks on the armbar before everyone comes in for a DQ. Why not do that to start so you don’t make your top heel group look like jobbers? Everyone brawls and VOW comes in to make a save. Okay then. This was all weird.

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