GFW Impact Wrestling 8/3/17 Recap – Patron Family vs. LAX

We start things off with Konnan saying that a new era in LAX is here and they will unleash more violence than ever before. We get a Super X Cup highlight reel that not even Pope’s terrible commentary can ruin. Dezmond Xavier comes out to face Drago, who sends Xavier down with a dropkick. They double high kick each other – and sadly pick a camera angle showing each guy missing by a mile. Xavier hits a KENTA combo and then an RKO. Drago hits a Liger bomb for 2 and takes him down with a blockbuster DDT for 2.9. Xavier hits a 619 and then takes him out with a spiral tap. JB cuts a promo with Xavier, who is looking forward to Destination X.

EC3 talks about winning the Grand Title tonight. Sydal talks about seeing himself as someone who isn’t defined by a division, and he will battle anyone he wants. He hypes up his match with Lashley, coming up at Destination X. Alberto and his family are backstage with his family and he talks to his brother about being too close with Konnan for his own comfort. Bruce says this is all strange, but he’s seen stranger and then he summons Karen for a discussion.

Trevor Lee comes out to face the Mumbai Cat, who actually wins with a swan dive splash. Okay then. He unmasks to reveal himself as Sonjay, and then Bruce comes down to kick him out. Sonjay wants a match at Destination X and then he gets his match and leaves. We get some Lashley training footage to make him come off like an even bigger badass. Joseph Park chats with Grado about them having to get hitched soon. Park gives Grado some unforgettable advice his grandmother gave him, which he then forgot. Xavier talks about being excited about his win tonight.

Eli comes out to face Eddie Edwards, but he can’t because Kongo Kong beat him up backstage. EC3 comes out in new slick white, black, and yellow gear. Moose and EC3 alternate round one, with EC3 dominating and getting the win there. EC3 dominates round 2 with chinlocks, but Moose closes it out strong with offense and a big stinger splash in the corner. Moose wins round two, making it a dead heat for round three. TK3 gets 2 for EC3. Moose and his super-high trunks go for a chokeslam, but EC3 turns it into a One Percenter for 2. EC3 goes for a pedigree, but Moose turns it into a sitout chokeslam. EC3 wins by split decision. OVE hype video airs and says they will debut at Destination X.

Bruce Prichard talks about being confident in EC3 winning the round and he isn’t a big fan of his, but he won the match. Dutch says it was a tie, as did Scott D’Amore and maybe he should buy a shirt off his podcast so he could contact him when he missed the last PPV. KM to team with Mario and Fallah to face Braxton Sutter, Suicide, and Grado. This is possibly the most random six-man tag match ever. KM gets pinned by Grado with a schoolboy trip and cradle. Grado and Kongo Kong brawl and Kong nearly drops him on his head off a powerslam. Braxton leaves, much to Allie’s dismay. LVN talks Kong off of his path of destruction.

McKenzie meets with Konnan and LAX, who tell Random White Girl #5 to shut up so Konnan can talk about his new era of violence. Braxton talks about Grado needing to take care of himself and Allie wants him to help, but she keeps getting talked over by him. EC3 comes out to brag for a while before LAX comes down for our main event – a six man with the Dos Caras family versus all of LAX. Dos Caras starts things off with Homicide, who is moving around about as well as Dos Caras is now. El Hijo Dos Caras tags in to fight Homicide before Alberto and Santana go at it. This was as good a showcase as he’s had in the company.

Ortiz taps to the armbar, but the ref is down. El Hijo grabs a chair and teases hitting Alberto, before he hits Homicide. Alberto locks Santana in the armbar, but Low-Ki hits the double stomp on him with an LAX logo patched onto his jacket. Santana gets the win and this was a darn good reveal. Low-Ki holds up the unified titles and is definitely now the next in line to face Alberto. Well, this is a pleasant surprise and it gives him his first true main event push. He’s still incredible in the ring, so what the heck – give him the gold and see what happens.

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