Marvel & Netflix’s “The Defenders” Recaps By Penny, Episode 3; Worst Behavior

We open with a flashback to “months ago”, with Alexandra having dinner in a Mediterranean restaurant, and through a slip of the tongue we get an idea of just how old she might really be, as she says Constantinople instead of Istanbul. A man arrives to tell her they’ve foundĀ  “it”, and she leaves with him, to an undisclosed location where he reveal Elektra’s dead body. He asks if this is worth all the resources it will use and she says unequivocally yes. We skip ahead a few weeks and Elektra emerges from the resurrection pod, covered in blood and confused as all hell. She tries to fight Alexandra but she simply sidesteps her, flips her, then calms and soothes her. Later she’s all cleaned up and eating. Alexandra tells her that language and skills will return to her in time. Elektra says the word “who?” while pointing to herself. Alexandra says in time. We then get Alexandra giving Elektra her choice of weapons and then a long training montage to help her remember her ninja skills, and when she’s once again good enough to kill all her trainers, Alexandra answers her question with her costume. Opening credits.

Back in the present, Alexandra is questioning Stick, who just snarkily no-sells her at every turn, amused when he goads enough that she slaps him. She brings out Elektra. She threatens to kill him and he still refuses to tell her where any of them are. He then kicks them both away, steals Alexandra’s sword, and literally cuts off his own goddamned hand to escape, vanishing into the shadows. Alexandra is both impressed and annoyed.

Jessica is grilling Matt on who hired him, guessing pretty quickly that it was Jeri. She stonewalls even the most basic questions and says she’ll find her own lawyer. He tells her she doesn’t technically actually need one as the NYPD doesn’t actually have anything to hold her on, but that her home/office is still an active crime scene and she needs to be available for other questions. He then asks about Kilgrave and says if she needs to talk… She blows him off and leaves, but Matt super hearing eavesdrops when she phones Malcolm.

Luke is getting ice for his cheek for the first time in forever and Claire asks him what happened. He tells her about Whitehead, and the kid he tried to help being arrested, feeling guilty for leaving him behind. She then asks him how his face got hurt, and when he describes Danny the look of “ARE YOU SHITTING ME???” on her face is absolutely priceless.She phones Danny and arranges a meeting. Danny and Luke macho snipe at each other and Claire and Colleen get them to focus. Whitehat, (not Whitehead, my tv volume sucks apparently), might be involved with the Hand, so shit just got real for them both. Luke is a skeptic despite being bulletproof and Claire tells them they both truat HER so trust her when she says they’re on the same side.

Jessica is talking to Mrs. Raymond. She wants to keep investigating quietly outside of the NYPD’s investigation. She asks her for ANYTHING that might explain his fears and suicide. She can’t think of any reason for either one. Jessica tells both her and then her daughter she’s sorry and leaves. As she walks down the street she gets the distinct feeling of being followed but can’t see anyone. Matt is blending in with the crowd as best as a blind man can, tuning everything else out to focus on Jessica’s footsteps and heartbeat. She seems to lose him and gets behind him. He lures her into an alley where he apparently vanishes until she sees him above her parkouring away. She gets a phone call and heads off to an address.

Luke and Danny are reluctantly talking about how tough the other is. Danny tries to explain his chi and the dragon he fought to gain the Iron Fist. Claire and Colleen are grateful they’re past the pissing contest and hope the boys can help each other. Luke scolds him for blindly attacking the kid as if he were a deadly assassin. He calls him on being a rich white boy playing vigilante. He tells Danny he was born with privilege and if he cared about anything but his own pain and guilt he could do so much good in the world without anyone getting hurt. That shuts Danny up good.

Luke visits the kid in jail and tries to convince him to make a deal with the police. The kid tells him to back off because “they” have eyes and ears everywhere and Luke’s going to get him killed. He tells Luke if he wants to help he can take care of his mom, sure he’s going to die anyway.

Danny is trying to meditate and Colleen sees him struggling. He’s wondering if Luke is right about his privilege. Colleen tells him he’s a warrior, not a businessman. But Danny thinks maybe it’s time he uses his other resources. He goes to his company and talks to Ward’s assistant, and get her to check the Hand’s paper trail via the cities they’d already tracked the hand to. They track the Hand to Midland Business Circle, where Hand resources have been rerouting to of late.

Jessica is at the architect’s office posing as a flighty businesswoman needing a communal workspace. She gets the architect she’s talking to to show her Raymond’s last project, which was, you guessed it, Midland Circle.

Luke arrives at the kid’s mom’s house, who turns out to be the woman he saved from the falling street light. They talk about how they might save Cole. He thinks they can still get through to him. He gives her some lotto scratchoffs like Cole asks. He snoops in a box of tickets when she gets the call that Cole is dead just like Cole expected.

Colleen is meditating in her dojo when she hears a thud. she opens the door to find Stick with his bloody stump poorly bandaged asking where the Fist is. That question is answered by Danny showing up at Midland demanding to see whomever is in charge. He’s taken to a board meeting and pulls his “I’m the big badass” schtick when Alexandra interrupts him. She admires his candor and says she’s in charge. Matt shows up to stop Jessica from barging in. She tells him she has pictures of his parkouring. He smashes her camera. Danny continues to rattle off the list of how the Hand is screwed and how he’ll expose them and Alexandra is comedically nonplussed. She asks him how Kun Lun is these days and has a lackey pull a gun on him. Danny easily overpowers her and redirects a gunshot into a table. Matt hears the shot and runs off upstairs. Jessica follows him. Alexandra says she won’t kill him, her lackeys will. Danny starts tearing through them like paper dodging bullets and tranq darts. Just as he seems to be overpowered, Luke shows up to save his ass.

More lackeys arrive and we switch to Matt and Jessica heading upstairs. Our heroes are all together and Matt hears something coming. Alexandra sets Elektra loose on them. And it’s time for the single take hallway fight Marvel and Netflix love.Matt pairs off with Elektra but doesn’t seem to know it’s her yet, and she clearly doesn’t know him. The other three fight off the lackeys. Elektra is about to kill Matt just as he recognizes her, but Danny Iron Fists the sword to pieces and knocks her away. The four of them all escape together. End of episode.

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