DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers: Supergirl Annual #1 Reveals Origin Of Emerald Empress’ New Fatal Five! Is There A Legion Of Superheroes Connection?

DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers foe Supergirl Annual #1 follows.

We learn the origins of Emerald Empress and her Fatal Five of the DC Rebirth era.

As you may recall, pre-Rebirth, The Emerald Empress was from the future whose very different Fatal Five was a foil for the Legion of Superheroes (LOSH).

In the Rebirth era they are a modern-day, not future-based, power-house team.

So, is the Emerald Empress from the future of the LOSH? Well that is unclear. She has a member of the very first Suicide Squad and played a big role in Justice League vs. Suicide Squad.

She also was seemingly on the hunt for Saturn Girl of the LOSH who is trapped in modern-day Arkham Asylum.

However, after reading Supergirl Annual #1 it really isn’t clear if Emerald Empress is from the future. Well, she may well be a modern day villainess. It’s not unprecedented retcon as a seemingly modern-day Phantom Girl, who was a pre-Rebirth member of the LOSH, will a part of the Dark Nights: Metal spin-off series the Terrifics under the Dark Matter umbrella of the Rebirth universe.

With that onto Supergirl Annual #1.

Emerald Empress toiled in obscurity on a different planet until the Eye of Ekron encountered her. She gained power and found her father in the pits of despair and she raised him.

The Eye of Ekron revealed to Emerald Empress that in the future as a result of a battle between her and Supergirl her father will die and she is doing everything she can to avoid that.

She lies to her eventual Fatal Five teammates – Magog, Indigo aka Brainiac 8, Selene, and replicant of Solomon Grundy – to get them on her side and against Supergirl.

At the same time, Selene and Magog find…

…Lar-on the Kryptonian werewolf!

The character debuted in World’s Finest #256…

…as a Kryptonian werewolf.

He / it, Lar-on, also has been in the pages of Rebirth’s Supergirl…

…where she has swhown some sypathy towards him / it.

Just how does Lar-on play into Emerald Empress’ plans? What is Emerald Empress’s goal?

Well to kill Supergirl’s dad, Zor-el formerly the Cyborg Superman of the New 52…

…who has conveniently been in stasis and his technological parts removed to, editorially speaking anyway, allow Hank Henshaw to the DC Rebirth’s only Cyborg Superman post Superman Reborn.

An interesting Supergirl Annual with the Fatal Five arc far from over.

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