Impact Wrestling 10/26/17 Recap – Moose vs. Lashley

JB hypes up this show as having matches from four countries, with Japan, Mexico, Canada, and America represented. Fantasma teams up with Texano against Storm and EC3. EC3 and Storm stomp away at Fantasma before we get a walk and brawl. Storm superkicks Fantasma and wins. Eli and Dutch meet and Dutch tells him that he missed some PR appearances. Dutch tells Scott that they should hold his check and Scott says no, they’ve got momentum. Cornette complains and wants his check held too. Atlas and Banks face OVE in BCW, and OVE wins quickly with the double stomp tombstone.

Stephan Bonnar trains with Moose and he cuts a great promo. Eddie Edwards faces Marafuji in NOAH. Eddie gets 2 off a blue thunder bomb before they brawl on the floor. Marafuji avoids a powerbomb on the floor and superkicks him. Eddie eats a nasty piledriver on the apron and a spanish fly gets 2 for Marafuji. Eddie hits the die hard frosion to win it. McKenzie chats with Eli, who talks about how wrestlers now are more about style than substance.

Petey, Abraham, Kiyomiya, and Turik go at it in BCW in a 4-way. Abraham hits a big rolling elbow on Petey, but he eats a dropkick from Kiyomiya. Petey hits a pump kick and the Canadian destroyer ends it. Garza Jr. and Eli Drake face Adonis and Eli, but first we get a promo from Eli and a recap video from Johnny. Garza superkicks Eli after taking off his stripper pants and gets 2. Well, that’s a great way to make the World champ seem like a goofball. Adonis uses his power to dominate both Garza Jr. and Johnny, who has some new gear that actually looks decent. Eli accidentally hits Adonis, so Johnny cradles him to win.

We get an Alberto El Patron video showing that he’ll be back for BFG. Trevor Lee goes to Mexico and says his face should be on the poster. Trevor faces Ultimo Ninja and they have a heatless match for a few minutes until Lee wins with the mushroom stomp. Global Forged airs and we get another recap of the ATT gym stuff. Lashley comes down with Dan Lambert to face Moose. Moose sends him out to the floor with the Okada corner dropkick. Lashley works on the leg before punching away and then Moose dropkicks him in the corner before Dan Lambert comes in for a DQ. Geeks come in to get beaten up by Bonnar and Moose. Konnan hypes up the 5150 street fight at BFG with OVE. Well, this sure was a show.

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