TWITTER WAR: Lio Rush VS The WWE Roster!


New NXT signee has just found himself on “The List of Everyone Else” after making a bad joke about recently released WWE Superstar Emma. Emma, a popular performer both on-screen and in the locker room, was shockingly released Sunday along with Summer Rae and Darren Young. Former and current WWE performers commented on Twitter with their support for the former bubble-popping star.


New NXT signee Lio Rush decided to chime in on Twitter in a way that definitely did not ingratiate himself to his co-workers. He wrote:


This obviously did not sit well with friends of Emma and they were quick to defend her.

Rush then ATTEMPTED to apologize by posting this note:

Too bad for Lio that while his “joke” was bad, his apology may have been worse…

Lio Rush may have a rough road ahead of him if these comments are any indication.

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