WWE Raw 11/6/17 Recap – The Bar Vs. The Shield Tag Titles

A Sutherland tribute airs before the return of Braun from last week is shown. MizTV starts things off with Axel in a neck brace. Kurt comes out and we see Steph cut his balls off last week before he calls SmackDown the B show. Miz rolls clips of the BRUTAL SIEGE and we see Kane attack Bryan last week. Miz grills Kurt for putting Braun on Team Raw and gave him a match with Miz tonight – so Miz begs off. Okay, that was great. Elias sings and we see him destroy Jordan with the guitar. Jordan faces Elias in a guitar on a pole match, and Elias gets the guitar after tripping up Jordan off the top. Elias prevents Jordan from using the guitar on him by stomping him, but JJ grabs it and breaks it over Elias’s back to win.

Kurt texts and The Bar comes in and says the want to represent Raw as the tag champs, so Kurt makes The Shield against The Bar tonight. Asuka squashes a jobber and beats her with the Asuka Lock. Joe vs. Apollo is shown before Titus cuts a promo on Joe. Titus comes out and gets choked out on the ramp. He invites anyone to come down Рleading to Finn Balor thankfully answering the call. They have a shockingly good TV match. Apron PK hits for Balor as does a baseball slide.  Joe gets the choke, but Balor rolls out and double stomps him. Balor hits the flip dive on the floor! They fight on the floor and we get a double countout. They brawl and beat up refs for a bit.

Bo cuts on a promo on them having strength in numbers and being able to do anything. Kurt adds Jordan to team Raw since his job is on the line. Bayley and Sasha cut a promo on Team SD and Bayley says the only hugs that will be given are hugs of consolation. Sasha and Bayley face Alicia and Nia. Thank God Bayley is still over in England. Sasha makes Alicia tap to the bank statement, after Bayley plays a face in peril to the far more dominant Nia for a while.

Braun’s issues with Kane are recapped along with him destroying Axel. Miz does his best stalling for eons, but Braun eventually tosses him into his goons. Kane comes out and they brawl before Braun sends him out. The goons and Miz attack, but Braun lays everyone out. Seth and Dean cut a promo on beating The Bar tonight and beating blue at the PPV. Enzo cuts a promo on the fans and says he knows how they’re doing – they’re grateful to have him here. He says he’s the best pound for pound, so Pete Dunne comes down with a big Kurt Angle intro. Enzo gets demolished and eats the Bitter End – this was a perfect main roster debut for Dunne.

A Brock-Jinder hype video airs and Alexa says she’ll beat Nattie. The Bar comes down to face Seth and Dean for the tag titles. Seth and Dean dive on the heels with a big top rope double dive. Sheamus beats up Dean for a while before some double teams further set up a hot tag with Seth. Dean hits a big flying lariat with Cesaro up top and Seth comes in and runs wild mid-ring before diving to the floor too. Sheamus sends Dean into the now-red barricades and Sheamus kicks him before hitting a powerbomb doomsday device for 2.5. Dirty Deeds hits Sheamus and Seth frog splashes him for 2.5, but Cesaro bowls in for a save. New Day gets on the mic and we get Raw surrounding the ring. Sheamus boots Seth and the heels win. This was an outstanding match and easily the best thingon the show other than Joe vs. Balor.

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