DC Comics Rebirth & Doomsday Clock #1 Spoilers: Geoff Johns, The Watchmen Mythos Expanded, A Riddle & Preview?

Saw this wallpaper created by Everbound so thought I’d share.

Doomsday Clock #1 arrives!

DC Comics Rebirth and Doomsday Clock #1 Spoilers follow.

DC Comics President, Chief Creative Officer and Doomsday Clock writer will be kicking off Doomsday Clock #1 in the Greater Toronto Area in Ontario, Canada, at an elite store called Gotham Central – Comics and Collectibles, just before midnight of new comic book day (NCBD) this week.

Here’s the ad for the midnight event.

Gotham Central’s contact information is below:

      Gotham Central – Comics and Collectibles
      1400 Aimco Blvd. Unit #1
      Mississauga, Ontario
      ON  L4W1E1

      Phone: 905-212-9992
      Email: gothamcentral@rogers.com

Geoff Johns also shared a riddle for you concerning Doomsday Clock #1.

Can you suss out the clues from that?

It is also being reported by BC that Geoff Johns and artist Gary Frank are expanding the Watchmen mythos in Doomsday Clock #1.

The Watchmen are based on the comics book characters DC Comics bought from Charlton Comics because DC wouldn’t let writer Alan Moore and artist Dave Gibbons use them in the Watchmen.

The Minutemen became…

….the Watchmen inspired…

…by the Charlton heroes that are now part of DC Comics Rebirth proper.

Looks like Doomsday Clock #1 will see the debut of Mime and Marionette as the Watchmen equivalents of Charlton and DC Comics characters Punch and Jewelee.

Lastly, in prep for Doomsday Clock #1, here are the 12 teaser and preview pages from the Doomsday Clocsk #1 ashcan.

Should be a big week.

Finally, if anyone knows if artist Gary Frank will be at a midnight launch event for Doomsday Clock #1 please let me know and I’ll share.

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