Pull List Roundtable 11/22/2017 – Doomsday Clock #1, Silver Sable & The Wild Pack #36, Void Trip, Demon: Hell Is Earth #1 & More


James Fulton

This is not a big or terribly exciting week. I’m happy to see a new issue of Pitiful Human-Lizard coming out so soon after the last one. I love this title, and the way Jason Loo uses it to explore the personal lives of superheroes.

I’m curious about the new Image book Void Trip. It looks pretty good, in a hippie van in space kind of way.

John Babos

10 books this week.

  • Action Comics #992
  • Cable #151
  • Demon Hell is Earth #1
  • Detective Comics #969
  • Doom Patrol #9
  • Doomsday Clock #1
  • Silver Sable and the Wild Pack #36
  • Suicide Squad #30
  • Teen Titans #14
  • Wonder Woman #35

Mike Maillaro

  • DOOMSDAY CLOCK #1 – Odd to see DC starting this event while DARK DAYS METAL is still going strong. Supposedly this should finally start giving us some answers to the many questions that came up in DC REBIRTH #1 especially in regards to how it is all connected to the Watchmen. I am real curious about all this, but at the same time, I wish DC would focus on one event at a time.
  • CABLE #151 – I did enjoy James Robinson far too short run on CABLE, but the current arc with the Externals got off to a really strong start. Definitely a nice call back to early issues of X-FORCE which I loved when I started reading comics.
  • SILVER SABLE AND THE WILD PACK #36 – Marvel’s Legacy One-Shots have all been a lot of fun. Really hoping some of them get brought back on a more regular basis. I especially enjoyed MASTER OF KUNG FU and POWER PACK. I haven’t read much SILVER SABLE, but I do enjoy her appearances in various SPIDER-MAN stories. Kind of crazy that she did have her own series at some point.
  • INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #594 – I really enjoyed the last issue of this series which tried to put Tony Stark into some perspective. I know a lot of people have been down on it, but I have really enjoyed Bendis’s work on Iron Man. Riri Williams is a great character. I hope that Marvel doesn’t just make her go away now that Bendis is leaving Marvel.
  • LUKE CAGE #167 – Luke Cage back in jail. It sometimes seems like that is the only storyline they can think of for Luke. Just about every appearance he makes, I see someone say something like “You can’t do that Luke, you will end up back in jail.” Poor guy needs to get a more diverse set of storylines.
  • SUICIDE SQUAD #30 – For a column that never happened, I had gone back and read a lot of old school Task Force X and Suicide Squad stories. So this “Secret History of Task Force X” has been a lot of fun for me. As usual, it’s hard to tell which parts of DC history they keep and which they have discarded, but I’ve really enjoyed this one.
  • FLASH #35 – Pop Mhan draws a pretty awesome Flash story. This issue seems to be a big culmination of many of the story threads that have been going for a while in this FLASH run. FLASH has consistently been one of my favorite DC titles since NEW 52 started. I was never a huge Barry Allen fan growing up, but I do like what DC has done with him the last few years.
  • DUCKTALES #3 – The comic hasn’t been nearly as good as the relaunched DUCKTALES cartoon, but I did like that in the last issue we got two stories about Della Duck’s Adventures with Scrooge and Donald Duck. It was great seeing more of Donald’s sister. Hopefully we will get some of this in the cartoon as well.
  • Animosity Evolution #2
  • Eleanor And The Egret #5
  • Jimmy’s Bastards #5
  • Your Pal Archie #4
  • Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #21
  • Action Comics #992
  • Astro City #49
  • Batgirl #17
  • Batman Beyond #14
  • Detective Comics #969
  • Justice League Of America #19
  • Kamandi Challenge #11 (Of 12)
  • Nightwing The New Order #4 (Of 6),
  • Ruff And Reddy Show #2 (Of 6)
  • Teen Titans #14
  • Wonder Woman #35
  • Librarians #2 (Of 4)
  • Savage Dragon #228
  • All-New Wolverine #27
  • Amazing Spider-Man Renew Your Vows #13
  • Captain Marvel #126,
  • Generation X #9
  • Monsters Unleashed #8
  • Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur #25
  • Punisher Platoon #3 (Of 6)
  • Star Wars #39
  • X-Men Gold #16
  • X-O Manowar #9

Phil Allen: I’ve thought the same thing about Metal/Doomsday Clock. Since we knew something Watchmen-related was going to happen way before Metal began, I just assumed Metal would end up being a short event, like a filler until Doomsday started.

Matt Graham

  • Ghost Station Zero #4 – Codename Baboushka was a subversion of Western spy fiction where the Russian femme fatale is the hero. Oh, and it’s from the creator of Atomic Blonde (The Coldest City if you were there before the film adaption. This is the final issue of Baboushka’s second adventure, which has her investigating secrets from the Cold War brought back to the front lines. It’s super badass and fans of spy fiction or pulp action need to read it.
  • Cable #151 – The newest Cable series hit the ground at full speed with classic X-Force callbacks setting the scene for a time traveling murder mystery. It has my attention.
  • Doom Patrol #9 – The flagship book of Young Animal is the most delayed. I hope Umbrella Academy getting a show (yes!) doesn’t distract Gerard Way from his Doom Patrol duties. It was a slow wind up, but the last issue with the team assembled was a riot, even if the book is steeped in continuity and confusion.
  • Silver Sable And The Wild Pack #36 – …sure.
  • Animosity Evolution #2
  • MMPR #21
  • All-New Wolverine #27
  • X-Men Gold #16
  • Snotgirl #8
  • Wonder Woman #35

Phil Allen

  • Angelic #3 – An imaginative series that’s both fun and dark. I’m really interested to see where this goes, and it’s making me want to pick up more from Si Spurrier.
  • Challengers of The Unknown by Jack Kirby – I’ve been enjoying getting these “By Jack Kirby” books the last couple months (i.e. The Demon & Mister Miracle). It will be nice to have time to sit down and read them someday.
  • Copperhead #16 – I’m glad this series seems to be back on regular schedule, and I hope that will continue when the next arc comes around. This has been a favorite of mine since debut, I’d hate for it to go away again.
  • Demon: Hell Is Earth #1 – Speaking of The Demon, I can’t remember what the last series I read featuring Etrigan as the lead. Probably Demon Knights from New52? Oh gods, that’s been a awhile.
  • Doomsday Clock #1 – I don’t have much more to say on this than what has already been said, but I am pretty excited. The only other thing I’ll add is that my wife and I were at a hotel over the weekend and saw an ad for this on Syfy, and I couldn’t think when was the last time (if ever) I saw an ad for a comic book on TV, aside from also promoting a show or movie. (We don’t get cable at home, maybe it’s a whole thing nowadays)
  • Redneck #7 – Frequently tied for “Best Donny Cates Series” with Babyteeth, glad to see we didn’t have to wait too long for the second arc!
  • Other issues I’m looking forward to:
  • Action Comics #992
  • Bankshot #4
  • Batman Beyond #14
  • Clue #6
  • Detective Comics #969
  • Ghost Station Zero #4
  • Glitterbomb: The Fame Game #3
  • Hellblazer #16
  • Nightwing The New Order #4
  • Rat Queens #6
  • Star Wars #39
  • The Flash #35
  • The Hard Place #4
  • Void Trip #1
  • Wayward #25
  • Wonder Woman #35