DC Comics Rebirth & Batman Annual #2 Spoilers: What Does The Future Reveal About The Justice Society Of America (JSA) Rebirth? Time Is Broken?

DC Comics Rebirth and Batman Annual #2 Spoilers follow.

What Does Batman Annual #1’s Reveal About the Future Of DC Comics Tell Us About The Justice Society Of America (JSA) Rebirth? Time Is Broken?

While much of Batman Annual #2 is set in the past chroniciling the past of the relationship between Batman and Catwoman, as well as Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle…

…it ends with a look at a possible future of Batman and Catwoman. Is this another future, like the many others we’ve seen over the last year, signaling that Time Is Broken in DC Comics or is this a definitive future where…

…Batman is dying? It is also a future where Batman and Catwoman have a Dark Knight daughter Helena Wayne! However, she is Batwoman and not Huntress like in her past incarnations.

Despite Batman and Catwoman continuing to have deeply passionate love in the future…

…she outlives him.

It should be noted that in the 1970’s Helena Wayne debuted as the Dark Night Daughter the Huntress in 1977’s DC Superstars #17…

…and that the Batman of Earth 2 Batman died as an eldely man in the pages of 1979’s Adventures Comics #462.

The Earth 2 Justice Society of America (JSA) had Huntress on their generational team into the 1980’s and the offspring team of Infinity Inc. that launched in 1984.

It is clear with the reveal of a future Helena Wayne, there will be no Batman offspring on the next incarnation of the JSA that has been teased since 2016’s DC Universe Rebirth #1.


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