Impact Wrestling 12/7/17 Recap – Eli & Adonis Face Johnny & Petey

Alberto yells in a terribly-lit room about Johnny Impact and Petey. The Cult of Lee comes down so Caleb Konley can face Ishimori. Caleb stomps away and goes for a TKO, but it’s turned into an inverted DDT for 2. Ishimori takes him down and wins with the 450. Lee jumps him until Dezmond Xavier comes down to make a save. Sienna comes down to face Rosemary and Allie in the three way match. Demon Bunny attacks Sienna on the floor before Allie gets 2 off a seated lariat. Demon Bunny bonks heads thanks to Sienna, who is outnumbered here. Demon Bunny locks on a Muta Lock/Cattle Mutilation combo before Allie breaks it. Codebreaker/German combo hits, but the faces go at it and the Red Wedding hits Allie and ends it.

Sami cuts an intense promo about OVE being agaisnt everything until TDT, wrestling lumberjacks, come down. A brawl breaks out until they go for the chicken fight spots and LAX prevents this foolishness. Konnan goes to hit Sami with a kendo stick, but it flies into the crowd and hits a fan. Yikes. Allie talks to Gail about letting her down and Gail says that she didn’t let her down and she believes in her. KM goes to the gym and beats guys up. Konan talks about regaining the titles in the compound. Eli cuts apromo on Petey.

Sydal faces EC3 in a Grand Title match, with EC3 winning round 1 with power moves, while Matt shines in round 2 with flying. Shotgun knees off the top hit for 2 for Sydal. Sydal nearly gets the SSP, but EC3 rolls out and they bonk heads. Despite there being three judges to avoid a draw, we get a draw. Roode vs. Storm at Lockdown airs. Another Park, Park, and Park ad shows them being even more crooked than last week’s.

Lashley and Lambert come out to face Moose and Storm. Moose gets dominated and Lambert comes in for a quick pin and then leaves right as Moose kicks out. Lashley spinebusters Storm and spears him until Lambert pins Storm. Petey cuts an inspirational promo about being in Canada. Main event tag time sees Petey shine against Eli with a jawbreaker, but Eli traps Petey and tags in Adonis. Eli hits a bootleg people’s elbow for 2 before landing a giant Mark of Excellence for 2. Johnny comes in and takes Chris down, but Chris avoids the Impact elbow. Adonis eats the Flying Chuck and it ends with starship pain. Alberto jumps Eli and DDTs him on the title.


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