DC Comics Rebirth Universe & Action Comics #994 Spoilers: TIME IS BROKEN As Superman & Booster Gold Travel To The Past & Future?!

DC Comics Rebirth Universe and Action Comics #994 Spoilers for Superman follows.

Another Example That TIME IS BROKEN In DC Rebirth As Superman and Booster Gold Travel To The Past & Future?!

Superman went to the past to see if Mr. Oz was telling the truth about being his father Jor-el spared from death at the moment of Kryton’s destruction (likely due to the time manipulations of the Watchmen’s Doctor Manhattan).

Superman used the Flash’s cosmic treadmill to get to the past of Krypton and he was soon joined by Booster Gold the protector of time.

The past of Krypton is unfamiliar to Superman; it’s an alternate timeline that hasn’t solidified yet.

Zod sends a group of Eradicators after Superman and Booster Gold…

…while on Earth, Lois Lane discovers her father is being held captive and will be executed. Looks like we’ll have a rescue mission in coming issues with Lois Lane and her Superboy son Jon Kent?

Booster Gold grabs Superman and they leave this past Krypton with a time sphere.

They see how this new timeline could have emerged…

…with Superman angry and mourning for it.

The time sphere arrives in the 25th Century, where Booster Gold originates, and…

…an Eradicator from a now dead timeline joins them?

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