Marvel Comics Legacy & Guardians Of The Galaxy #150 Spoilers: Adam Warlock Ends, GotG Ends, But It’s Just The Beginning Of Infinity Quest?!

Marvel Comics Legacy and Guardians Of The Galaxy #150 Spoilers follow.

Adam Warlock Ends, GotG Ends, But It’s Just The Beginning Of Infinity Quest?!

This book has at least seven covers including variant covers.

The book opens with the return of Adam Warlock somewhere, somewhen?

Where is a classic Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe who’s who type entry of Adam Warlock for those not familiar with him.

In GOTG #150, Warlock is marveling at what he is seeing, but its not a birth, but destruction.

Someone speaks to him with longer hair. It’s either Adam Warlock himself or his darker side that was hived off to create the Magus.

The Magus is an evil doppelgänger of Adam Warlock and is actually the cleaved evil parts of Warlock. Here is a who’s who type bio for Magus from a classic Marvel trading card for the uninitiated.

Is this the future of Marvel or the past with Cable, the Incredible Hulk and the Guardians of the Galaxy seemingly dead?

Adam Warlock seemingly wakens somewhere, somewhen and his frustrated and…

…goes for a walk.

Warlock believes he’s on Soul World, presumably in the Soul Gem, and meets an older and…

…angry Gamora of the GOTG. Is she from the future or from a different Earth?

Adam Warlock decides it’s time to go; once and for all leaving the older Gamora and all the other souls wherever they were.

He escapes a cocoon and comes face-to-face with…

…time criminal Kang; an Avengers big bad!

So, what about the GOTG? Well, the team either disbands fully or loses several members anyway starting with Drax.

Star-Lord takes Drax off world with a member of the Nova Corps and leaves…

…them somewhere with at least one of the Infinity gem stones…

…with the warrior Drax at peace.

Ultron and others still want the Infinity gem stones and despite this being the last issue of Guardians of the Galaxy…

…it is not the end of their journey.

Writer Gerry Duggan indicated that GOITG was not cancelled over poor sales, but that he had a story idea that was bigger than GOTG seemingly part of the what is teased above. So, stay tuned GOTG fans.

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