DC Comics New Age Of Heroes & Damage #1 Spoilers: What Is Damage & Why Is Take Force XI XL, A New Suicide Squad, After Him?

DC Comics New Age Of Heroes and Damage #1 Spoilers follow.

What Is Damage and Why Is Take Force XI XL, A New Suicide Squad, After Him?

Ethan Avery is Damage.

A Hulk for the military so that soldiers don’t die in harms way.

His powers and Damage persona lasts for one hour and…

…he can’t use them or become Damage again for another 23 hours.

Colonel Marie Jonas appears to be the mission commander over the Damage project. He’s now loose after his last mission. This like a job for…

Task Force XL Task Force XI was teased a year ago at the end of the Justice League vs. Suicide Squad mini-series (full spoilers here). Maxwell Lord is supposed to be a member. I don’t see him here, but we do see the following members of this next level Suicide Squad from left to right:

    • Parasite
    • Harley Quinn
    • Deadshot
    • Solomon Grundy
    • Ragman? (Red Hooded character)
    • Giganta? (back only giant legs showing)

Looks like Ethan Avery has reverted back to himself from Damage as his hour of power is up.

Also turns out that Ethan Avery is an amputee missing a leg likley from a battle in his pre-Damage soldier days.

I’m also curious how the mission statement for Task Force XI differs from Task Force X the core Suicide Squad.

An interesting launch by storytellers Tony Daniel and Robert Vendetti.

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